Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Community stakeholder press conference today Friday Nov. 13th, 1 pm,Capt Hard Times Restaurant

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Dearest Neighbors & Stakeholders,
This is an all out alert! All available community residents! Priceless capacity needs to be built now!
Tomorrow November 13, at 1pm, there's an all community press conference at Capt's Hard Times Dinning, 436 W. 79th street.
There are widespread concerns on the out break of violence on 79th street after the killing of the 9yr old, Tyshawn Lee. In an attempt to bring a positive result, instead of panic and destructive intimidation, a consortium of business, community, clergy and civic advocates will hold a press conference to appeal to what needs to be done.
This is EVERYONE'S BUSINESS - YOUR BUSINESS, if you are a decent law abiding citizen of this community. Let's step forward.
Yours in fellowship,
Brad O. Redrick,

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