Friday, August 28, 2015

SNEAK PEEK at Steve Canal / Landmark Baby Book / A Brown Tale /Breaking News!

Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE Breaking News I'm giving TBTNews readers the very first look at the launch cover of MG Media's new
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Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dwayne West / CEO, MG Media
I'm giving TBTNews readers the very first look at the launch cover of MG Media's new digital hip hop magazine, The TRUTH: Hip Hop Culture At Its Best. The cover highlight Chicago's most accomplished hip hop personalities.
During the launch in Oct., as the Publisher and CEO of MG Media, I'll introduce the very talented editor-in-chief who'll become the face of this innovative and groundbreaking publication. The digital magazine will showcase the best and brightest of hip hop culture, not only in Chicago, but globally.
Here is some data delivered to me by one of the AD agencies I work with, whose client is Nielsen: Straight Outta Compton topped box office sales again this weekend, and its impact continues to spread into the music world. These successes only reinforce what Nielsen already knows – the hip hop genre is dominating American pop culture in categories from album sales and digital streaming to network television and social media. Some fast facts:
Music: According to Nielsen Mid-Year Music U.S. Report, Drake’s latest album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, was the bestselling digital album of the first half of 2015 and the second bestselling album overall.
TV & Social Media: Fox's Empire, a prime time soap opera about a hip hop mogul and his family, was a breakout hit, which totaled 2.4 million Tweets during the two-part finale - making it the most Tweeted TV series episode this season.
Digital: Hip hop was the most streamed genre of 2014. The top on-demand audio-streamed album in the first half of 2015 was Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (409 million streams). Three hip-hop songs were also among the top 10 on-demand singles streamed (audio and video) Trap Queen by Fetty Wap (290 million streams), See You Again by Wiz Khalifa, featuring Charlie Puth (251 million streams), and Post to Be by Omarion featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko (147 million streams).
Building an online media brand was always my idea from the beginning. And with the re-launch of Speak The TRUTH online television series, the momentum of TBTNews, and now the new digital magazine; the next few years will be nothing short of exciting, progressive and prosperous. Good, bad and indifferent - Hip Hop is KING! Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
NOTE: Prayers to the family of Regina Holloway and her 2 year-old baby struck by the truck on 69th street. If anyone knows the family, please contact TBTNews and let us know how Regina and her baby are doing........
Contributing Correspondent: Dr. Chandra Gill
​"Ask many Chicagoans about the rich history of Chicago names and few could tell you what Thomas Burrell’s genius did for marketing, what the vision of Vince Cullers did for advertising, what WVON did for Motown, what Johnson Publications did for Black America (and even Michigan Avenue) and what the late Margaret Burroughs did for our entire culture.
Despite a state law that says, “every public elementary school and high school in Illinois (must) include in its curriculum a unit of instruction studying the events of Black History,” still today, we’re stuck in between oblivion and ignorance concerning our truth in textbooks and curriculum. Notwithstanding this shameful fact, I refuse to ignore history’s interconnectedness to our problems today.
Just as true, I will not wait on others to do what we can and must do ourselves: Teach cultural relevance! Empower minds! Teach truth, even in context to Chiraq! We all know this violence didn’t just start in recent years here in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter. Just as significant, we need to[...]"
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steve canal
Mr. Steve Canal
SNEAK PEEK at Steve Canal
Position: MillerCoors Community Affairs - National
Educated: Fordham University
In His Own Words: I’m Steve Canal, and I spend my days devoted to changing the way America enjoys beer as an innovator for MillerCoors. I live a corporate lifestyle.…led by an entrepreneurial spirit. As an innovator, I've developed award winning corporate marketing strategies, aligned brands with their target consumers; increasing their bottom line and putting together social media tactics.
I have worked with notable companies such as Allstate Insurance Co., U.S. Army and McDonald's McCafe to name a few. My career has ranged from hands-on product management and product marketing positions to executive leadership for a diverse portfolio of products and services for Fortune 100 companies. I attribute my career accomplishments to an unique ability to connect with people, engage teams and make an impact with innovative thinking.
Whether it’s selling a product or selling an idea, I’m an influencer by nature and approach it as an art—inspired by my experiences and surroundings, and driven by a commitment of integrity that has allowed me to deliver meaningful results time and time again.
I'm primarily responsible for the development and execution of community investment and outreach strategies, programs and platforms at the national and local level to increase commercial impact, build consumer and customer interest and enhance MillerCoors reputation. Build and maintain a network of internal and external relationships to accomplish our Community Affair priorities and objectives that support the company’s reputation and brands.
A big part would be the Miller Lite Tap the Future Live Pitch events, started in 2012. The objective was making this program a new kind of Miller Time? During the first year, we received over 2,000 submissions, representing the five MillerCoors regions. Contestants were nervous, yet excited to be there. The crowd brought great enthusiasm and the networking was amazing!
Being able to interact with “the Shark,” Daymond John, from ABC’s Shark Tank, was an invaluable benefit that I’m happy we’ll be incorporating each year as well. Working with Daymond and host Kenny Burns in each market was fantastic. They are accomplished. They made each event exciting and engaging, but still grounded in business.
These businesses compete for $200K. The national finals will be held in Chicago this September. Entrepreneurs move America forward and I’m happy to be part of a program that encourages their success. Cheers to entrepreneurship! It’s Miller Time!
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baby 1st year
Oldest baby book is a labor of love
HEALTHY COMMUNITIESLandmark Book Still Kicking After 8 Decades
Our Baby’s First Seven Years, written by University of Chicago specialists in 1928, has been revised eight times to reflect the latest medical research and childcare theories.
Yet the beloved “milestone” pages are intact. Doting parents still preserve their child’s first photo and details of the first word, step and haircut, ensuring that Junior is the star of his story. That decision was easy. Baby data never grows old.
“These are the first pages people turn to, for years to come,” said Gail Pinc McClain, co-secretary of the Chicago Lying-in Hospital Board of Directors, publisher of the heirloom-quality book. A more delicate challenge: Navigating social changes as visions of traditional roles and families blur. The board, which owns the rights to the classic book, updated the family tree in the new, eighth edition. The branches are labeled “parent” instead of “mother and father.” That way, “single parents and same-sex couples are included,” McClain said.
The brainchild of Joseph Bolivar DeLee, MD (1869-1942), Our Baby’s First Seven Years was first published by Mothers Aid of the Chicago Lying-In Hospital. A pioneering obstetrician, DeLee urged the group to produce a baby record book to chart “all the delicate and lovely sentiments” of birth as well as medical and developmental milestones.
DeLee, founder of the Lying-In Hospital, was instrumental in culling medical advice from the experts of his day. Under the leadership of Hermien Nusbaum, the ladies revised and updated the book for the next 40 or 50 years. Fans included Princess Grace of Monaco, who lovingly tracked her royal offspring’s “bright sayings,” favorite foods and first questions about sex. The timeless work remains the best-selling baby record book, with more than 8 million copies sold.
After Mother’s Aid dissolved in 2004, the Chicago Lying-in Hospital Board of Directors received the rights to the book. For the eighth edition, the board drew on University and UChicago Medicine specialists such as Arthur Haney, MD, Anita Blanchard, MD, David Gozal, MD, and the late Joel Schwab, MD, to update the content.
As is tradition, all proceeds “go back into research and education programs that benefit mothers and infants worldwide,” board member Jenny Whitlock said. “That was Dr. DeLee’s idea and his legacy continues on.” Blanchard, a Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology, remembers then-department chair Arthur Herbst, MD, presenting a copy to her at the birth of her first child at the Lying-In Hospital in 1992.
“Now that I am the mother of five children, each of whom has his or her own copy, I am more than ever convinced of the value and usefulness of the book,” Blanchard writes in the new edition. “Our family’s books have been the repository of many cherished memories.
brown tale
A Brown Tale is written and performed by James Alfred along with long time collaborator Lou Bellamy. A Brown Tale has played to over 2,00 people and was nominated for Best New Work/Play in 2013 by A Brown Tale will return to Chicago this weekend, August 27 - 29 and next weekend, September 3 - 5 at Chicago State University. A Brown Tale is a comedic coming-of-age narrative by James, from the south side of Chicago. The tapestry of stories woven together creates the journey through Alfred’s child hood to adult life. Get your tickets by going to TBTNews is proud to continue its relationship as an online media partner to this amazingly, exciting production.

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