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Incredible Book: Just Mercy / Credit Card Debt / Unbreakable Janet /More Than Enough....

Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE There's More Than Enough One of my dearest friends asked me last week to comment on this very exclu
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Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dwayne West / CEO, MG Media
PUBLISHER'S PEACEThere's More Than Enough
One of my dearest friends asked me last week to comment on this very exclusive gathering of powerful sisters that took place at this very high end restaurant downtown Chicago.
She wanted to get my prophetic thoughts on how this looked from the outside being a man; and did anything, from what she expressed to me, triggered opinions. After she laid out the format and some of the main players and invited guests, she also told me that you clearly could see some dissension between some groups of women.
It was visible. And as people assembled, like most progressive professionals, individuals gravitate into packs. Her main question was: 'why don't black people (women) come together for progress and not just show?'
My answer was very simple. But of course, not as simple to execute....Black folks have grown up in this exiled world of limited resources. We [blacks] have never seen real wealth and immense progress; and have also never seen, for instance, jobs or opportunities in an abundance. Plain and simple: We've lived under the impression that there is never enough to go around whenever a door opens!
So when even executives or professionals reach a certain status, they feel that they're the exception. Therefore, there is no room at the table for more than one or two, at best. And as they do all the right things to feel accepted within the corporate culture, they most times don't reach back when the opportunity opens up to bring their forgotten peers along for the joy-ride.
These people in mention are confused and totally wrong in their assessment. There is more than enough room for anyone who aspires to climb and progress. They've been clearly mislead, and or either, have never traveled the world at large.
Because if they've spent time exploring and examining the world around them - even within their own professional work environment, they'll see the unlimited resources available.
It's being used and shared by others, who've invited their sisters, brothers, cousins, mothers and grandmothers, as well as their neighbors to raise their communities through the very system that these Negroes, somehow, don’t think exist. But maybe, just maybe for some, their ranking in the select companies doesn't allow them to reach back. Their presence is barely felt. They're just holding on and trying to ascend to the next level, as well. This can be the case, in most instances.
Here is what's most troubling when you evaluate the lack of reaching back. It's really not about reaching back to just get into the exclusive room.
While waiting to leap, these particular individuals can utilize their skills and insight to reach as far back as they can into their own communities to (mentor) the next generation of potential corporate leaders. It's important to show them how not to just climb the corporate ladder, but how to escape the hood. This is what they need most!
When we prescribe to this narrative, then we can accept the fact that it's absolutely more than enough to go around for those who want to ascend. We most help as many people as possible who's been exiled from mainstream America to know that there is more than enough! Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
clif n swain
Cliff Rome and Jonathan Swain at Peal Fest (Photo: The Intelligence Group)
afrika event
Tenille Jackson and Afrika Porter at Afrika's business launch event (Photo: The Intelligence Group)
James Alfred and Francis Guichard at gallery (Photo: The Intelligence Group)
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Bryan A. Stevenson
LITERARY CORNERAn Incredible Book, An Incredible Author....
Bryan Stevenson is the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, a private, non-profit organization headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, and is a professor at New York University School of Law.
He has gained national acclaim for his work challenging bias against the poor and minorities in the criminal justice system. Stevenson has assisted in securing relief for dozens of condemned prisoners, advocated for poor people and developed community-based reform litigation aimed at improving the administration of criminal justice.
Born in Milton, Delaware, Stevenson is a graduate of Eastern University, Harvard Law School (J.D.), and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Mr. Stevenson spoke at TED2012 in Long Beach, California. Following his presentation, over $1 million was raised by attendees to fund a campaign run by Stevenson to end the practice of putting children in adult jails and prisons.
Stevenson is the author of the critically acclaimed Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. It was named by Time magazine as one of the 10 Best Books of Nonfiction for 2014. It won the 2015 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction.
Bryan has received numerous honors, including: Reebok Human Rights Award, National Medal of Liberty, MacArthur fellowship, Wisdom Award for Public Service Litigation. Named Public Interest Lawyer of the Year. Award for Courageous Advocacy from the American College of Trial Lawyers. Lawyer for the People Award presented to him by the National Lawyers Guild; and more than twenty honorary degrees.
JM new cover
"Unfairness in the Justice system is a major theme of our age. DNA analysis exposes false convictions, it seems, on a weekly basis. The predominance of racial minorities in jails and prisons suggests systemic bias. Sentencing guidelines born of the war on drugs look increasingly draconian. Studies cast doubt on the accuracy of eyewitness testimony. Even the states that still kill people appear to have forgotten how; lately executions have been botched to horrific effect," expressed Stevenson.
“This book brings new life to the story by placing it in two affecting contexts: Stevenson’s life work and the deep strain of racial injustice in American life. . . .You don’t have to read too long to start cheering for this man. Against tremendous odds, he's worked to free scores of people from wrongful or excessive punishment, arguing five times before the Supreme Court. The message of the book, hammered home by dramatic examples of one man’s refusal to sit quietly and countenance horror, is that evil can be overcome, a difference can be made.” —Ted Conover, The New York Times Book Review
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dr. gill
Dr. Chandra Gill
MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYWhat “Cents” Does That Make?
Contributing Correspondent: Dr. Chandra Gill
How do you most often use your CREDIT CARDS? Are they your “go to” for material things you want or your “get through” for bills and other things you need? In other words, is it your form of payment to get you through your days, in between paydays? If so, do you have a financial plan in place to dissolve your CREDIT CARD debt for once and for all?
Blackademically Speaking, the use of CREDIT CARDS in America have skyrocketed. Although there are many serious reasons for our dependency on CREDIT CARDS in lieu of the market crash, there are also better ways to handle our cash. Have you thought about the long-term effects of those high interest rates you’re paying in conjunction with a possibly lower wage retirement plan? How will your life look at the age of 50, 60 or even retirement, at the rate you’re going now?
In step with our All NEW: Black Spending - Summer Series : What “CENTS” Does That Make? – do you know your bottom line figure of CREDIT CARD debt? Are you at all intrigued by the notion of becoming debt-free? Do you not believe you can get there? Currently, American households have a net increase of $60 billion in new CREDIT CARD debt, yearly. Yes, you heard right, “yearly,” “new debt,” and “$60 billion.”
Think about that for a moment....and another moment...then, think about this: In many cases, CREDIT CARDS are the 1st offers for students on campuses, well before their full schedule is offered and secured. This horrific start to college leads to charging things out of impulse and not intelligence. The best way to help them is to help yourself. The time is now to get rid of those CREDIT CARDS and here’s an example of how:
• According to the Federal Reserve, CREDIT CARD debt in the US has topped $3.3 trillion as of February 2015.
• The average cardholder has $15,000 in debt with an average interest rate of 17%.
• If just minimum payments are paid monthly for this debt, it would take 135 months to pay it off (11+ years).
• In that time, over $18,000 will be paid in interest alone.
• If you increase your monthly payment just 35-40%, you can eliminate over ½ of the time it would take to pay it off, making it just ~50 months and less than $7,000 in interest.
Again, THINK about all of this and ask yourself what’s more important, your monthly paycheck once you retire or those unnecessary trips to Target or even Toronto that’ll influence how/when you retire? Don’t get old having even older debt. Now is the time to sacrifice -- increase your quality of life by paying off those CREDIT CARDS!
(Dr. Gill is the Founder and CEO of Blackademically Speaking®. Author of: Champions Break Chains & Black Genes-Black Genius: A Motivational Handbook To Empower Black Youth. To learn More,
janet jackson 2
The iconic Janet Jackson
MUSIC MONDAYJanet Jackson Shows Love to Her Many Fans
Correspondent: MG Media
Janet Jackson is showing her fans a little love! With her soon to be released album, Unbreakable, and her anticipation Unbreakable World Tour, Jackson shared a 43-second snippet of a sweet song and video.
"I wanna tell you how important you are to me!" she tweeted to her fans. The collection of recordings will be about "the human spirit, love, marriage, Janet's precious family and her fans." This is Jackson's first album since the death of her brother, Michael Jackson, in June 2009. In the video, the 49-year-old artist sings the track as the camera pans over a handwritten letter of the lyrics.
"I've lived through my mistakes. It's just a part of growin,'" she croons. "And never for a single moment did I ever go without your love. You made me feel wanted." The song continues, "I want to tell you how important you are to me." To see video, CLICK link:

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