Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Get on UP! Community Positive Loitering - Stand United for a SafeSummer. This Friday August 14th, 79th & Evans, 6-8p.

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...what YOU can do for YOUR neighborhood!"
Dearest Neighbors & Stakeholders,
Round Six! Catch the spirit! Last week we had seniors in wheelchairs and a diverse group of young people (The wisdom of the elders and the young people's energy!) joining in on demanding what's right - unity in the community & Peace on 79th street Where are the so-called leaders & so-called concerned citizens? Proof is always in the pudding. Excuses are for the lame.

This week we are at the place where a high value citizen, Dr. Betty Howard, was taken from us tragically. The rising spirit of the community says NO MORE! Peace and prosperity are achieved earnestly, not passively. Time to "get up off that thang" (your a$$) and make something positive happen in Chatham/Grand Crossing. The impetus spirit to fuel the Greater Chatham Initiative starts here and now! Fellowship for a better tomorrow. Come out and meet folks with common interests in community building; learn best practices and new and innovative techniques to help save your neighborhood.

All interested visitors invited. We welcome all allies in the struggle for community. Express a desire for positive change. Demonstrate UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY.. Those who don't want to stand out - donate to the process; drop by some food (bucket of chicken, pack of sliders, a pizza) or water, donate orange T-shirts, contribute to the spirit of the higher cause - UNITY! Special moments in time are created through intention & purpose.
Community Positive Loitering - Stand United for a Safe Summer.
This Friday August 14th, 79th & Evans

A special group photo will be taken in front of the mural of "Common" and "Your are Beautiful" at 7855 S. Evans upon conclusion at 8pm.
Brad O. Redrick,

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