Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Community CAPS meeting, Wednesday Aug 26, 6:30pm, "The Annex", 7757S. Greenwood.

Beat 624 Community CAPS Meeting
Building capacity a better quality of life in the community.
Dearest neighbors stakeholders & community partners,
Lots is going on now, effecting our public safety in our community. A new hope has been launched in a program called "Antonio's response". Beat 624 is still atop the city's homicide & violence column. Community capacity has been lost in the tragedy of Andrew Holmes in who lost his daughter last week to gun violence. The 6th district CAPS office appears to be sputtering in it's service to us. Lastly, the Greater Chatham Initiative presses on and we have to keep pace.
As Autumn starts to roll in, all of this calls for us to step up rather than step back. I hope that You will step forward to assist us as we keep community CAPS issues at the top of our collective awareness. This is vital to our quality of life. Our grassroots need tending.
We need substantial progress in our efforts to support "Antonio's Response". That makes this an important milestone affair. Please consider bringing all friends and acquaintances who you've been grooming to get involved in saving the community. Now is the time.
Yours in partnership.
Brad O. Redrick,

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