Thursday, August 20, 2015

K.L.E.O. Peace Festival / Corrupted by Power / Pain-Free AfterSurgery / Periscope App

Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE Corrupted by Power It happens to the best of them! It can even happen to me! Thus far, it has not -
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Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dwayne West / CEO, MG Media
PUBLISHER'S PEACECorrupted by Power
It happens to the best of them! It can even happen to me! Thus far, it has not - and am I glad. But it's probably because no one has ever made me an offer I can't refuse. I'm not above the law. Nor am I immune to being corrupted.
But I don't think that it would be for power though, alone. Maybe wealth. And it's not like they haven't tried, on multiple occasions: During the governor's race and especially during the last mayoral race, and other times in between. I've stayed the course. Don't know how long it will last. But as of today, at this moment in time, I'm corrupt free! Yeah for ME!
Respectfully, I think by being a prophetic thought leader and a visionary - someone who believes in innovation, the obtaining of knowledge and information, more so than cash, has kept me from being corrupted. How many true hustlers can say that?
Most who've been corrupted, especially, if for a long period of time, will swear to you that they're not tainted. They've fooled themselves into believing that turning their backs on their community, and going along, to get along, as well as keeping in step with the status quo - is great for US. No! What they mean is that it's good for them.
crop circles
Over the last five years of publishing TBTNews, I've uncovered some very disturbing news and information. I guess that's what a news industry professional is supposed to do - even if by accident. What I've seen and heard has spoiled my reality about certain leaders who I grew up admiring and wanting to emulate their hustle.
It was eye-opening to witness some of the corruption and back stabbing by some of my favorites. Man, did it mess my head up. I still have nights where I go to sleep pondering about some of these people in question, and asking myself - why?
How does a person go from being the bell of the community, fighting the good fight; to being the silent destroyer of black people's champagne dreams and caviar wishes? These are individuals, who at one point, fought the tough fight. And now, they're just holding on for dear life - trying to survive the drought.
Then you have others who've never fought for the people. If you heard from them in the hood, it was an illusion. They used their connected inside influences to sell black folks on the American dream. When in reality, these snakes where only concerned with their small piece of the already sliced up pie. They just wanted enough crumbs to make it look like they had power, which was obtained by corruption.
Today, black communities everywhere are experiencing a 'rebirth of cool.' And mainly young folks, who are tired of being played like fools, used and abused by their elders. They've decided that it's time that black lives really matter.
I'm glad to see this new revolution occurring across this country. Just let me hold on to my vision of a better hood life, and not be corrupted by power. Because I wanna see the look on certain people's faces when I'm soulfully successful, powerful, still corrupt free, and loving it! Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
Mark Harris on the set of his latest movie "Stock Option" with one the main characters
datcher 2
Mary Datcher and her dedicated team during presentation of Global Mixx Forum
harris 2
Chicago filmmaker Mark Harris with two celebrated actresses on the set of "Stock Option"
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Ombudsman AD
Torrey Barrett
For the past nine years, The K.L.E.O. Community Family Life Center (The KLEO Center), a nonprofit organization, has served and helped high-risk youth and communities in the City of Chicago who have been affected by acts of violence.
As the beginning of the school year approaches, the K.L.E.O. Center is taking a stand against violence with the 7th Annual Peace Festival and Back to School Rally. This event, will promote the Put The Guns Down campaign, as it aims to bring young people in Chicago together to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of 2015-2016 school year.
kleo peace
In addition, provide our youth and their families with the proper tools to begin the school off right with Free Backpacks, Free School Supplies, Free Haircuts, Free Food, and Free Dental Screenings, and a host of fun and entertainment for all ages.
A concert showcasing local talent, with a special guest performance by The Joffrey Ballet Community Engagement Dancers, and a special tribute to house music, hosted by Dana Divine; featuring a star-studded DJ line up with Steve Miggedy Maestro, Robert Royale’, and Joe Smooth.
Torrey Barrett, Executive Director of The K.L.E.O. Center, founded the center in honor of his sister, Kleo Yolaughn Barrett, the youngest daughter of Pastor and Mrs. T.L. Barrett Jr., who, at the age of 27, was tragically killed by an ex-boyfriend. K.L.E.O. was created to help eradicate domestic violence with an encouraging message to Keep Loving Each Other (K.L.E.O.).
Barrett says, “Every year countless families and communities are destroyed because of violent crimes among young people. K.L.E.O. believes that one youth, one woman, one human being who falls victim to violence, whether by death or incarceration, is one person too many. K.L.E.O. is dedicated to reducing violence in Chicago and improving the overall quality of life for those living in our communities.”
K.L.E.O.’s Peace Festival will be held Saturday, August 22, from 10:00 am to 5:00 p.m. at The K.L.E.O. Community Family Life Center, 119 E. Garfield Blvd (Chicago). FREE to the public, and will feature giveaways, horseback rides, a carnival, and much more. For media inquiries, contact Shari Currie at or 312.217.1790. Visit for more information, or call 773-363-6941. Once again, TBTNews is proud to be the online media partner to another great community initiative.
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Keith Affeld 2
Keith, pain free with his 1940 Chevy
Most days you can find Keith Affeld working in his yard or tinkering with his 1940 Chevy sedan. Having worked in a steel mill for 43 years, he is no stranger to the rigors of physical labor. At 65, he still mows his own lawn.
“Throughout my career I’ve done a lot of lifting, turning, twisting, climbing and hammering, never suffering from more than a minor muscular backache,” he explained. However, that all changed in October, 2014, when Affeld reached down to pick a weed from his wife’s flower garden. “As soon as I pulled that weed I fell forward,” he said. “I guess I turned wrong and that was it for my back.”
The resulting functional change was dramatic, with Affeld describing “shooting pain down my right leg, no matter what I did.” He said it only continued to get worse, eventually requiring use of a wheelchair most of the time. After ordering preliminary imaging tests, his family physician referred him to a local specialist. Adding insult to injury, he was told it would be an eight-week wait before he could be seen for an initial evaluation.
Dismayed by the delay, his wife, Colleen, decided to call on a neurologist she had previously seen at the University of Chicago Medicine, emailing her the information on her husband’s initial tests. “She got back with me immediately -- on a Saturday, no less -- and provided the names of two spine surgeons who could see Keith the following Monday or Tuesday,” she said. Although UChicago Medicine is a 45-minute drive from their home in Valparaiso, Ind., the Affelds didn’t hesitate to take the first available appointment with orthopaedic spine surgeon Michael Lee, MD.
“We pride ourselves on quick patient access,” Lee said, noting that an acute onset of severe right leg pain typically suggests that a nerve is compressed in the lumbar spine. “In Mr. Affeld’s case, this was caused by severe arthritic changes compressing his nerve, as well as spondylolisthesis.” Also commonly known as a slipped vertebrae.
Suspecting a strong inflammatory component to his pain, Lee initially tried an injection consisting of a steroid and a local anesthetic. Because Affeld also was a cardiac patient, Lee decided to perform a minimally invasive procedure called a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF). Lee performed the surgery through three small incisions, assisted by interoperative X-ray technology. Lee explained. In his academic role at UChicago Medicine, he teaches the progressive procedure to other orthopaedic spine surgeons.
Although Affeld still had some pain initially following surgery, which is not uncommon as the nerve recovers, he was astonished to be back on his feet the day after his procedure, walking the hospital hallways with light assistance from his wife Colleen. At his two-week follow-up visit, “the relief was remarkable,” he said, calling it “a miracle for me.”
Today, Affeld has resumed all of his old activities, which include traveling in the 1940 Chevy Master DeLuxe to car shows across the country. He may even take up golf again -- a pastime he and Colleen can look forward to now that he’s enjoying his retirement pain-free.
periscope 3
Kayvon & Joe at office in San Francisco
Periscope is a live video streaming app developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. The startup app was recently purchased by Twitter for a reported $100 million. On March 26, 2015, Twitter officially relaunched the application under its own app
Now being connected to Twitter, Periscope users can allow other users to see links tweeted in order to view live-stream. Users of Periscope are able to choose whether or not to make their video public or simply viewable to certain users.
Twitter announced the acquisition of the app after the rival video streaming app Meerkat was debuted at South by Southwest 2015. The app became extremely popular around the time of the app's launch when several users of the service used it to air the fifth season premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones live. The app also gained enormous attention during the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao boxing match, which was televised via pay per view, but was widely streamed via Periscope.
Periscope is hardly a novel, and has resulted in numerous start-up flops in the past. For years, entrepreneurs have tried to make live-streaming video catch on with the masses, with companies like YouNow, and Livestream, offering their own takes on personal broadcasting. And companies like Twitter and eager venture capitalists are spending millions of dollars on what they bet will be the next big thing to catch on with consumers.
“The world is way more ready for this than it was a year ago,” said Beykpour. “We have the benefit of entering this market when people are more sold on the idea of live broadcasting.” When the new video app launched under Twitter, comedian Jimmy Fallon live-streamed a monologue rehearsal for his late-night talk show. The Today co-host Al Roker has broadcast the backstage hubbub at the morning show.

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