Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Talking points for Beat 323 CAPS meeting, Tuesday March 24th, 2015,7-8pm. Park Manor Church

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Dear neighbor,
Please be reminded that Tuesday 24 March15 is the C.A.P.S. beat 323 meeting at Park Manoe church, 7-8pm

Talking points for this evening are as follows:

*Remember to note the attending officer’s names, rank and what hours they work. Determine if they are regularly assigned to work this beat.
The identification of Robbery & Burglary patterns are two of the biggest indicators of how serious crime trends are in your area; therefore be sure the officers explain whats going on with them. Beat integrity is a key factor in maintaining order.
Beat Integrity
  • We need regularly assigned officer to the beat, to make the strongest possible relationship/partnership, period
  • Who are they, by name?
  • We need assurances that a strong policy be achieved to meet this end
  • Where are they happening?
  • When are they happening?
  • Was anyone arrested for any of them?
  • If there were arrests, could all of the burglaries committed be cleared by those arrests?
  • Do we have a burglar on the loose?
  • Are there any patterns here?
  • Have any Community Alerts been issued on this problem?
*If the officers can’t explain anything then they should have Detectives come to the meetings who can..

  • Almost the same questions can be asked as the burglaries - Who? What? Where? When? Anyone on the loose? Community alerts? etc.
  • What patterns do we have right now?
Court Advocates
  • We need persons willing to donate time to attend some court cases at 111th street. This is a diore need.
The Curfew pilot program
  • Discussion
  • What's different this time?
  • Problems & difficulties.
  • Monitoring of the mission in progress.
Community Calendar
  • The conflicts with the DAC, Ward meetings and Community meetings
  • Any resolutions
Positive loitering schedule
  • Dates?
  • Strategy
Neighborhood Watch Training
  • We need block clubs and concerned citizens to sign up for grass roots training
What is the date of the "Taste of Meyering Park"?
  • Who is sponsoring?
The plan going forward
  • All groups should have marching banners made for " Antonio's Response" Press purposes (Also for conventions, marches, Positive Loitering and other demonstrations)
  • It has been said in past meetings, that emphasis is going to be put on the community leading the way in aims and activities.
  • What ideas do people have?
  • List them
Juneteenth Picnic - bigger & better this year!
  • Is Saturday June 13th, 10a-5p - Grand Crossing Park
  • Block Club, CAPS Beats & organizations bring your banner
Print this sheet out and use as reference material at the meeting. Do not pass out! This is a confidential tool for participation in problem solving discussions by Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network associates only!

We need all persons who can attend to come out! All block clubs should send at least 3 persons each.

Take good notes!

Remember "C.A.P.S." is a strategy.
Brad O. Redrick,

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