Wednesday, March 25, 2015


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Neighbors and Stakeholders,
We firmly object to the 6th ward Alderman's disregard for the independent sovereignty of the CAPS 624 meeting on the 4th Wednesday and his scheduling his streets and sanitation Town Hall on that same night. First we've been denied of all-ward meetings for 4 years and now the well established, all-important Beat 624 meeting is jostled in utter disregard by our representative to city hall, the 6th ward Alderman.
We feel it's rather despicable and without excuse,going on five years of consideration (rather no consideration) that this move was made. The only way he can know that it's not simply at his whim to pull such a stunt is if we tell him that. And who is anyone to step on the public safety meeting of this community? This is pathetic and should be THE LAST time it happens, if we're serious about holding our representatives to respectful execution of the duty to their electorate. It would be a little different if he were brand new, but is now a veteran official who should have a dcent understanding of what's at stake here. Does he care?
Since those of us vested in trying to maintain public safety will be at the CAPS session, we'd appreciate anyone going to the town hall to deliver this message to him or his staff at the town hall.
It is;
Wednesday Mar 25th
Crerar Memorial Presbyterian Church
8100 S Calum
From 6-8pm
Brad O. Redrick,

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