Monday, March 16, 2015

Grand Crossing Network News Updates

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Dearest Neighbors & Stakeholders,
Some some news and updates;
Passing of neighborhood leader
Ms Carrie Clark of the 7400 block club has passed away this month. She was one of the original leaders of the Triangle Neighborhood Organization. Lately she had not been present in leadership although being seen at the 8th ward office. We are not aware of any arrangements and will make them known upon notification.
Important group poll
At the March 2015 meeting a special poll was done concerning "Dibs" or the practice of unwritten rules of reservation of parking spaces in the street after one has shoveled out a space, usually in front of their home.
The law and common sense logic dictates that the street, which is paid for by all taxpayers and mandated to be clear from any and all obstruction, is never to be claimed by anyone as private.
The practice of "Dibs" has been shown to lead towards violence, property damage and un-neighborly behavior. The city of Chicago has balked at taking strong enforcement other ordinance because it is so widespread and tangles resources at a time they are needed elsewhere. It s therefore incumbent that neighborhood work out among themselves, solutions which which eliminate problems and help get the city moving smoothly in the event of weather related problems.
The Chairman proposed action from the sitting body at the meeting to move towards meaningful consensus. A poll taken of the body was found to contain 23 persons, 4 of which said the are for the total prohibition of "Dibs", 3 persons who felt the practice was necessary and 16 persons who remained neutral, making the issue moot and not worthy of a letter campaign, nor put to the Alderman for action.
79th street foot patrol
An April meeting with the 8th ward Alderman is scheduled, again asking that there be officers assigned to walk the beat along 79th street during business hours, dedicated to the strip between Ellis and King Drive.Half of that strip is in the 6th ward and half in the 8th ward. Thus far both Alderman have been woefully ineffective in supporting this idea.
Any neighborhood organization, block club or willing to coalesce on this issue and send a representative to this meeting with the Aldermen involved should let us know. This issue is now over 5 years old without satisfactory action, with the citizenry and grassroots leadership sharing the blame with the elected officials and the police department. An increase in local resident/business consensus should be able to secure this vital service.
We still need correspondents for the newsletter development. A young man, Mr. Anthony Gregory, who has a passion for the craft, is willing to help us substantially deliver this needed format. Again it takes teamwork synergy for success.We want to move quickly on this project.
Correction - Community Brainstorm session
The session being held Tuesday March 17th at Gary Comer Youth Center from 6-8pm was incorrectly stated in the last e-mail as Monday March 17th.
We still need a decent showing of those from our network, and all others, to represent Greater Grand Crossing in securing some vital in-put into the process of receiving philanthropy form the good of the community. Please indicate your intentions on being there.
Thank you.
Brad O. Redrick,

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