Monday, March 16, 2015

Late News for release

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Neighbors & Stakeholders,
Last night's well attended and lively meeting,left out a couple points for general release;
Community Brainstorm session
We need neighborhood leaders to show up to a community forum preparing the Greater Grand Crossing community for a substantial "face-lift" from a volunteer initiative spearheaded by "Chicago CARES", who are looking to spruce the viaducts leading to Grand Crossing/Park Manor. A meeting will be held Monday March 17th at Gary Comer Youth Center fro 6-8pm
We're looking to get a quarterly newsletter operational and need contributors. If you non-self promoting of community concern & interest. Please email or call me.
Task Force
The Methadone Clinic Issue needs persons interested to join a grassroots meeting setting up a task force to perform an expose for the community. Email here for further information.
Ted Seals
Ted has resurface and is fine. thanks to all who responded to the call to report on his well-being.
Special Thanks
We wish to thank the 4X4 Block Club Association for their hosting of our annual Black History Month reception at Montcare Place in February. Also a special thanks to Mr Bobby Johnson, President of Lafayette Terrace Co-Op Apt.s for the generous donation of resources to make the event a success.
Brad O. Redrick,

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