Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What can you do to SPEAK UP for OPEN SPACE?

While the Lucas Museum may be the most visible and time-sensitive challenge to our city's public open space, it is one of a number of important park and public open space issues impacting Chicago.
As stated by Serge Pierre-Louis, Friends of the Parks board member, in the DNA Article about our July 15 SPEAK UP for OPEN SPACE Forum "our mission is the same as the park district's: preserving, protecting, and improving open space in the city... It should be clear to the public we are not just standing here saying 'no' to every new idea. We have a clear purpose in mind, and what we are protecting is in the interest of everybody in Chicago, including the park district, the mayor and other officials."
There is a long road ahead in preserving and protecting our public lakefront and parks and we hope you will take the next step with Friends of the Parks. Now is the time to SPEAK UP!

What can you do?:
Tell your friends!

Friends of the Parks 312-857-2757 x17

Friends of the Parks is a thirty-nine year old nonprofit parks advocacy group whose mission is to preserve, protect, improve, and promote the use of Chicago's parks and preserves. We advance our programmatic, educational, and advocacy work with the support of our members, donors and volunteers, and (through) our governmental, community, and environmental partnerships.
Give us a call and SPEAK UP!

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