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No Improvement After 45 Years for Black Men in America

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Little Progress for African American Men
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Study: Little Progress for African-American Men on Racial Equality Since 1970
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July 14, 2014

Derek A. Neal, Economics Professor, University of Chicago
Armin Rick, Economics Professor, University of Chicago
In recent years, the U.S. has celebrated the 50th anniversaries of the March on Washington, the Civil Rights Act and a number of other landmark accomplishments considered pivotal in making the U.S. a better place for African Americans.
But despite a deep reverence for those accomplishments, a new study suggest that African-American men today face such high levels of unemployment and incarceration that they are in little better position when compared with white men than a half-century ago.
The working paper, by University of Chicago researchers Derek Neal and Armin Rick, is based on preliminary findings and has not yet been peer-reviewed.
"The growth of incarceration rates among black men in recent decades combined with the sharp drop in black employment rates during the Great Recession have left most black men in a position relative to white men that is really no better than the position they occupied only a few years after the Civil Rights Act," the study reads.
The study uses census data to show that more than 10% of black men in their 30s will be incarcerated at some point during a calendar year. This number was around 2% for white males of the same age group.
The study attributes the corrosive impact of incarceration on the African-American community, at least in part, to the institution of more punitive criminal-justice policies.
African-American men also appear to face a more difficult employment situation. More than a third of African-American men between the ages of 25 and 49 lacked employment in 2010.
"The Great Recession period of 2008-2010 was quite bleak for black men," the study reads. "Recent levels of labor market inequality between black and white prime-age men are likely not materially different than those observed in 1970."
"We don't need more of the FBI, the CIA, the AFT, the TFE, the DEA, the TSA or any other federal law enforcement agency to stop violence in Chicago. We need viable systems of economic development, a community development plan, support for parent and family development, along with a functional education system. Last year, the Chicago Police Department spent $100 million on police overtime to combat the violence. It did not work." - Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project

Feds Sending More Support To Combat Chicago Gun Violence
By Associated Press
July 17, 2014
CHICAGO (AP) - Federal officials are sending more agents to Chicago to help the police department fight violence after the city experienced a bloody July 4 holiday weekend that left more than a dozen people dead and dozens more injured.
The Bureau of Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is assigning seven more agents to work in the city, upping the total number of agents to 52, to "bring more resources to Chicago to combat some of the gun violence."
Federal authorities have been discussing ways that FBI and other federal agents could help combat gun violence and street gangs - major reasons why Chicago led the nation in homicides in 2013.
A Department of Justice news release also says the FBI has temporarily assigned during the summer 20 agents to help the 100 agents already in Chicago.
In the release, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder linked the influx to a recent round-table discussion on youth violence that he participated in with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
"The Department of Justice will continue to do everything in its power to help the city of Chicago combat gun violence," Holder said in a statement. "These new agents are a sign of the federal government's ongoing commitment to helping local leaders ensure Chicago's streets are safe."
Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, who holds weekly news conferences to highlight the fact that the department seizes more illegal guns than any other police force in the country, welcomed the increased federal resources.
"We have enjoyed an ever-improving and increasingly productive relationship with our federal partners," he said in the statement.
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