Monday, July 14, 2014

Next session - Tuesday July 15, 2014 St. Mark Manor, 840 E. 76th st.St. Mark Manor 6-8pm

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

Neighbors & community partners, our next monthly meeting will be:
Tuesday July 15, 2014
St. Mark Manor
840 E. 76th st.

After 3 straight months at Luversia's restaurant we return to St. Mark for our July meeting. Our Juneteenth efforts behind us, we now head towards National Night Out and rally towards neighborhood unity and heightened connections.
This month we are reviewing our stated objectives for 2014 with a review of of vows made during Kwanzaa 2013.
Where is our unity? Do we know & trust each other? What is our purpose? Are we working together? Are we economizing together? Are we creative enough? Are we keeping the faith? Are we worthy of just rewards? Where do we go from here? As a neighborhood of people these questions must be addressed for the remedy of violence reduction. Building our local branches of capacity to undermine violence matters very highly at this time.
Please make your phone tree calls at this time!
Our agenda, this month, shapes up as being;

  • Following our normal course of discussion and review of current CAPS initiatives and failures.
  • Our new connections.
  • Additions to the community calendar
  • Our letter campaign to our elected officials
  • Preparations for National Night Out 2014
  • Our mid year mission review

Brad O. Redrick,

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