Wednesday, July 2, 2014

President Obama knows it's time to act on comprehensive immigration reform - you in?

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Americans have a right to be frustrated with Speaker Boehner.

The House has had more than a year to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and -- even though almost everyone agrees that our current system is broken -- the Speaker hasn't lifted a finger, much less held a vote.

That's why President Obama announced this week he's not going to wait any longer for the House to do its job. He's moving forward and taking action wherever his administration can to make progress.

We're asking OFA supporters to join the growing chorus of Americans who want to see action. Add your name and stand with the President today.

This shouldn't be a partisan issue -- the Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform with votes from senators from both parties. And enough Republicans in the House have offered their support for reform that we believe if Speaker Boehner held a vote today, it would pass the House.

Refusing to act is costing our country every single day. It's hurting our security, our economy, and our future as a nation, and it's hurting families, too. In dollars, one estimate says it's costing us $37 million a day -- more than $13 billion total in the time the House has failed to act since the Senate passed their bill.

President Obama can only do so much on his own. Without Congress, there's no permanent fix that will address our broken immigration system. But, as long as the House refuses to act, he's going to act where he can to improve the system.

As the President said, "If Congress will not do their job, at least we can do ours."

There are plenty of people on the other side that are willing to do anything to block progress of any kind. John Boehner even said he planned to sue the President over executive actions he's taken to move the country forward in spite of Congress' inaction.

It shows you we're in for a big showdown. If we want to see progress on this issue, we're going to have to fight for it.

You should be part of this -- join in today:



Jack Shapiro
National Issues Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action

P.S. -- As if all of that wasn't outrageous enough, the lawsuit Speaker Boehner is threatening is pretty absurd. We put together a short video on the subject, which puts it into perspective: Americans deserve progress. Watch it and pass the link along.

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