Monday, October 7, 2013

Most important meeting in years...

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

Now comes the most important meeting our Network has had in many years, maybe the most important. In 2006 when we formed, one of the basic tenets of our platform & foundation was "Disaster Preparedness". Time, and many issues, formed a wedge between this important part of our organization and the other matters at hand, which soon took over. In short order one would almost think we simply forgot about it, or that it was no longer relevant.

Last week's Disaster Preparedness Conference at Chicago State brought out some very intriguing facts, among others;
  • When you say "Disaster Preparedness" most people are 'Mystified" and don't understand it, therefore the point is missed and mis-information dominates the issue leaving us vulnerable.
  • There is a tremendous void in Chicago's Disaster Plan (The grassroots and the Municipal structure's plans are miles apart!!!)
  • We all must have a basic personal plan.
  • The plan continues to the local plan for the block where you live.
  • Next we must be connected to local grassroots organizations who are connected to the local churches, businesses and services available to the area.
  • Then we must be assured that there are strong connections to the private & governmental resources which are in place to assist us.
  • We must take nothing for granted.
  • We have a ton of homework to do before we can ever expect the government to save us from a sudden, unforeseen "incident".
  • 90% of our survival ability is in our own hands - in the neighborhood.
  • Most important - Disaster Preparedness is the basic foundation of any block club, community organizing or church group you can find!
This was well laid out, except for the amount of printed information. The presenters did so in a way that ones technology or a good old fashioned pencil and paper could take care of. I was the paper and pencil person, so I took a few notes and am preparing them for dissemination to my immediate neighbors and contacts.

Therefore, I am now calling on every single person within our realm of communication ("The Network") to step up and step forward for the rudimentary beginning of a new & comprehensive disaster plan from the grassroots level, in our localized neighborhood and beyond. This again calls us to work together, link resources, know thy neighbors and get about the business of survival. Our Kwanzaa principles point to a way out of this overall problem of unpreparedness. Now is the time to begin putting it in place.

Join us at St. Mark Manor,
840 E. 76th street.
Tuesday October 8th, 2013

A historic engagement is at hand! Bring a trusted friend or neighbor. This message has to go out to all neighborhoods!

I hope you'll join us.

Brad O. Redrick,

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