Thursday, October 3, 2013



          Mrs. Mary Tillery

          A Virtuous Woman


The Chatham Community Celebrates



Recipient of the 2013 AARP Ardus Award

           For Community Service


The person that uses a portion of their leisure to

  The unselfish service of his fellow man finds in his

  Purposefulness that he can influence and change

  Existing circumstances for the better’’. By Dr. Ethel

  Percy Andus, AARP’s founder.


  Mrs. Mary Tillery exemplifies that sense of purpose

  Fullness in volunteerism through the impact you

  have had on the lives of others and on your community.


  What a blessing you are to our community.


Keith O Tate                                    Maryellen Drake

President CAPCC                             Exec. Vice CAPCC



The 2013 Chatham Avalon Park Community Council

                          Board of Directors





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