Monday, October 14, 2013

(Correction) Dates on the important meetings this week

Subject: Fwd: (Correction) Dates on the important meetings this week

Dear Neighbors,
This week contains 2 meetings of note. In addition to the Police - Community Dialogue at the Police Academy on Monday morning, Oct 14th, 10am -Noon (Reservations only) there are 2 other open meetings worth noting and attending if you can. They are;
  • SSA (Special Service Area) #51 at the QBG building at 78th & Cottage (Post office building) between Noon & 1.30pm, on Wednesday Oct. 16th
  • Block Club Start-up Assembly given by the Planning Coalition at 1750 E. 71st st. between 10:am and Noon, on Saturday Oct 19th.
We need every able bodied business and community witness we can muster to get to the SSA #51 meeting and become fully engaged in the process. We need for people to understand what's going on, so there less anxiety in the whole process. Those witnessing can then relate to their community & neighborhood partners what is transpiring and all due services can be rendered in full confidence.

On the block club tip, we can't afford to come out of 2013 without an increase in Clubs and Organizations. This week is a special one in the hood. Let's get to it!

Brad O. Redrick,

P.S. - Also, Chatham Avalon Community Council meets tonight;
Monday Oct 14th
Chatham Church of Christ
8601 S. State
6:30 - 7:45pm

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