Thursday, May 20, 2010

Own Up and Fess Up!!!

The immigration issue is just not relevant only to Arizona. It is relevant here in Chatham as well. There are day laborers looking for work every day by the Home Depot at the Chatham Market. Are you or have you hired "illegal immigrants" or "undocumented aliens" from Mexico or other Latin American or Caribbean countries to do housekeeping, landscaping or other home-related work? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Leave your detailed stories on the comment line.


worlee said...

So what are the African American and Latino American citizens who are asking for day work at Home depot called?

JP Paulus said...

Where are the undocumented Carribeans? And why have you forgotten Africans?

Why would anyone fess up? That's the crux of the problem...Americans BREAKING the LABOR LAWS, and stealing our tax dolllars.

Stop them with REAL fines and ACTUAL jail time...and watch the illegal immigration issue get reduced.