Monday, May 10, 2010

ICE Chatham Theaters Upcoming Programs and Events

Here are a few of the upcoming programs and events that the ICE Chatham Theaters hosts regularly:

Black World Cinema - Every first Thursday of the month at 7P. Film and post-film discussion. $5 admission. Next month on May 6, ICE will feature two film shorts - Thomas Sankara: The Upright Man (52 minutes),
a detailed history of Sankara’s brief four-year rule and his revolutionary program for African self-reliance as a defiant alternative to the neo-liberal development strategies imposed on Africa by the West; and The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun (44 minutes), the story of a twelve-year-old paraplegic who becomes the first girl to sell a daily newspaper in the competitive world of young male newspaper vendors. Check web site for details each month:

Kids Rule Series - Every Wednesday and Thursday from June 23 to August 12 at 10A. Special G and PG rated films $2.50 admission and includes free popcorn. Check web site in June for film titles:

Community Day - On Thursday, August 19, starting at 10A, ICE will host its annual health and community resource fair featuring health screenings, local community business expo, and entertainment. Information and Activities for all ages. Check web site in August for complete schedule of events:

There are also a number of special events that occur randomly throughout the year. We will provide this information periodically as well.

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