Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Question

Is it now high time to bring in the National Guard to rid Chatham of its crime wave? Leave your vociferous comments on the comment line. Please do be straight-forward!


worlee said...

NO NO and NO. I do not understand why we as African Americans keep letting mush mouth radio commentators have us believe in the "Urban Terrorist" theory. The United States has one policy on terrorism whether it domestic or foreign and its not nice.

History should tell us as African Americans when the US military is brought in on domestic issues it bad news for our community. Read your history books and read about what happened to Black Wallstreet in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Do we need a stronger deterrent towards this senseless crime. Yes, but our police are equipped to handle it but is our community?

che'menju said...

As long as we shoot and kill each other nothing is going to be done about the ability for anyone to obtain a gun.

Only when white people are targeted will something be done.

America may be one of the few world powers where anyone on the street (criminals, thugs) can easily obtain handguns. If the U.S. wanted to make a change they could.

Worlee questions whether the community is equipped to reduce crime. Do you mean are we vigilant in calling the police, creating neighborhood watch groups, etc? Be specific in what you really mean. You might give us the solution.

worlee said...

What I mean "is this community ready". I believe its time for zero tolerance and that means that some of our rights will be violated. It means when the sun sets the police stop the corner hangers, loiters and it many mean a law abiding citizen on his/her way home. It means traffic stops, seat belt checks, car safety checks where individual automobiles and individual information is checked. Yes its invasive but it will send a message that if you are up to no good then you need to avoid going in and thru Chatham. Is this community ready for this?