Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Filling Out the Census Form Is in Chatham's Best Interest

We, at the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, urge all of our members, residents, and viewers, to fill out the 10 (ten) questionnaire 2010 United States Census form when you receive it by U.S. mail and send it back promptly. If need be, a Census worker will arrive at your home to make sure you are counted. DO MAKE SURE YOU ARE COUNTED. This could mean serious federal funds to our community. Take a case in point. Chatham is designated to have a new library built to replace the old Whitney Young Branch at 7901 South King Drive. There is a drive to have all residents in Chinatown be counted. The Chinatown neighborhood is clamouring for a new 2-story library to replace the one at 24Th Street and Wentworth Avenue. The Chinatown residents are rally around and seeking the Census as the avenue to receive the public funding for a new branch. We, in Chatham, however have been calling for a replica of the Bucktown-Wicker Park branch, at 1701 North Milwaukee Avenue, which is a 2-story facility. Let Chatham get what it wants, by insuring such, by filling and returning by first-class mail, your U.S. Census form. If you have not already filled it out, don't put it aside, do it TODAY!!!: Contact the Local Census Office 2519 (Chicago Far South), 8510 S. Cottage Grove at 773-896-9640.

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