Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chatham Market

Bravo! to Chatham Market. It is a great development to the area lining Holland Drive from 83rd Street to 87Th Street. It is a magnificent addition to the Chatham perimeter (the commercial, retail and business perimeter around Chatham enclave that includes Chatham Village Mall, West Chatham Plaza, and Chatham Ridge Plaza). We strongly encourage all of our members, residents, and viewers to patronize Chatham Market. It would be nice if some high-technology firms would relocate their research & development divisions here in the vacant real estate adjoining the railroad tracks.


worlee said...

This convinces me that you are an idiot or flat out stupid. Duh, this is why there is a debate. That vacant area is where Walmart would locate. If you stop watching for white people entering the library maybe you could see something.

JP Paulus said...

But Worlee, you claim "the community" doesn't want Wal Mart there.

in Uptown they also have groups that claim to speak for "the community", while rather they speak for loud, although significant, PART of the community.

There's a lot of complaining that Wal-Mart would bring a lot fo traffic...which is expected if you think Wal Mart is a successful business.

No one in a public meeting has talked about alternatives. You've made some suggestions about some businesses that i, and probably most, have not heard of before.

But won't those bring "too much traffic" as well?

Their suggestion, while i think isn't a great one, certainly is anidea that wouldn't add heavily to traffic, unlike Wal-Mart.

worlee said...

That vacant land was also to include an Aldi's. The point here is that the writer assumes that it is just vacant land with no plans.

Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council said...

We should encourage the shops on north Michigan Avenue Magnificent Mile to open a store in the Chatham Market, like Abercombie and Fitch, Columbia Sportswear, and such...stores that Chathamites really want! With a high-tech R&D industrial park that provides the jobs and income for us to buy at those stores, especially the young people in our community!