Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog Question

Should community leaders lobby, campaign and cajole the Obama White House for earmarks, outlays of federal stimulus money, and tax incentives to rebuild Chatham to its proper place as the premier residential neighborhood with a suburban-style standard of living of African-Americans in the United States? Leave your comments on the comment line.


worlee said...

can some of our politicians teach this idiot Politics 101 Maybe this will stop the assinine questions.

Levois said...

While I shall refrain from calling the blogger an idiot, I will say that this is the umpteenth time that this blog has called for stimulus funds to use for Chatham's redevelopment. My point is the same, Chatham shouldn't have to wait for stimulus funds. And I'm not certain that any neighborhood in the country can even think about lobbying for any federal funds for community development.