Friday, March 19, 2010

Illinois Fire Safety Alliance: SMOKE ALARMS

WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT RESIDENTIAL FIRES Nationally, over 5000 people are killed each year in their home. In fires where multiple deaths occur, 80% are between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 A.M. In order to increase to total life safety in the State of Illinois, it is a goal to have a minimum of one properly installed and operating smoke alarm in every home. Ideally you should ave a smoke alarm on every level of your home to include: tops of stairways, outside bedrooms and in the basement. Installing, Maintaining and Testing Smoke Alarms: To insure that your smoke alarm will work properly, consult your owner's manual to determine the proper procedures suggested for your model.
1. Test Your Smoke Alarm Weekly-Review your owner's manual and determine the proper method suggested for your model. If uncertain, contact your local fire department for proper instructions.
2. Replace Batteries Twice A Year-Establish dates for battery replacement (spring and fall time change). Also, a chirping sound indicates that the battery needs replacing.
3. Clean Your Smoke Alarm Annually-Use a vacuum cleaner to remove collected dust particles accumulating over the year's period.
4. All Members of the Household Should Be Aware of the Alarm Source-Review with all members of the household the location and use of the alarm. It is suggested that a different member test the alarm weekly.
5. Contact The Fire Department for ALL Fires. Get a smoke detector free at the 79th & Michigan firehouse.

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