Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

Wouldn't be great if Alderwoman Lyle would introduce in the City Council a set ordinances that would make Chatham open to Hollywood film production and film location sets. As you know, "Ali" starring Will Smith was shot at 79Th and Rhodes in 2001. Kayne West shot a video at 79Th and Evans. Market-friendly ordinances could be introduced that would give filmmakers and studios a tax incentive in the form of a 10-15% tax break for filming on location in Chatham, particularly along 79Th Street between King Drive and Cottage Grove Avenue. Just think of the many crew members and extras that would be hired, especially our young people to learn a trade on-hand in the business! Residents and homeowners who are temporarily inconvenienced by the film could earn user fees from the studios; or they could open their homes and apartments to the filmmakers for a set in a movie for a fee. The studios in turn could get an additional 5%tax cut for hiring local youngsters on the set. Perhaps a "Chatham Film Bureau" could be established as a liaison with the studios and the community. Let us hear from you out there!

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worlee said...

Duh, do some research before you post. The city and state have film commissions. The city does not pick locations the studios and producers handle that. Ali was shot in Chatham because he spent some time in Chatham.