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What a Year it's Been / UChicago Brighten Holidays / Jahmal Cole / ANew Year, A New Me

What a Year it's Been / UChicago Brighten Holidays / Jahmal Cole / A New Year, A New Me
Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE A New Year, A New Me We have two more days before we celebrate the 2016 season of new beginnings. Y
Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dwayne West / CEO MG Media
We have two more days before we celebrate the 2016 season of new beginnings. Yep, this is what this time of year brings. As the old year exits, the new year arrives with new ideas, new thoughts, new directions, new relationships, new jobs, new homes, and new personal and professional opportunities; either through careful planning and execution or by unforeseen circumstances.
What will the new year bring to you in terms of positive changes and progressive movements? What plans have you made to ensure that 2016 is better than 2015? Have you even given grave consideration to what your life will look like 365 days from this January 1st? If not, what the heck are you doing? This is the traditional time when most people make the so-called New Year's Resolutions.
I've been planning my next year's objective for the last 3 months. I have to plan accordingly because, first, my company requires some early planning to align my business goals with the platform of potential corporate partners and supporters who do their fiscal year strategies the last quarter of the current year. I also have to make sure that I assemble a solid team who can assist in the development and presentation of MG Media's business model.
And finally, I have to look deep into myself and know that I'm mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with what the new year will bring. Because, again, even as you plan strategically, there still will be some unexpected occurrences that will always alter your plans.
The one word that I've adopted to measure my own growth over the last few years, is MATURITY. This word is very critical in your growth process. I love this word. It says so much about you when others express that you are so 'mature' or your 'maturity' level has really grown. It means that your attitude, your decision making and even your presence has a look of growth. And I know for a fact that I've grown tremendously over the last 2-3 years, professionally and personally.
Professionally, I've accepted that even my best executions will be judged harshly. The key is how will I acknowledge others opinions and maybe even their concerns for my organization, and look to make changes, if necessary. I also have to accept that my personal endeavors are under critical watch. I must, at most times, be very objective about how I present myself within the places where I live, work and play.
With that said, being my best self is tops on my agenda for not only the new year, but throughout the years ahead. I aspire for GREATNESS! I want to be someone who my peers and future generations can respect for helping to move our progressive movement forward. I truly want a monument built to my name or image.
I want the new ME to be a ME that can bring transformation and growth to everything or everyone I touch. If when, my established associates, as well as new friends enter and or leave my circle of influence, and I've not contributed added value to their lives, then I've failed at being a better ME for 2016. Until the next edition..... Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ
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Lyrical Rapper Brings Fresh Sound To Ukrainian Village Venue
On Wednesday, December 30, Chicago artist, BARDO, will perform live at The Empty Bottle, delivering his signature fresh flow and complex arrangements. Mashing classic soul, hip-hop funk, reggae, blues and neo-soul music genres, BARDO experiments with forms of music outside of traditional hip hop. Crooning in a smooth, baritone voice, he flawlessly fuses genres in the way The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest have before him.
BARDO, the enigmatic rapper, lyricist and producer, has his sights set on reaching the upper echelons of the music game. Born in Atlanta and raised in Chicago, and abroad in Japan, Italy and Spain, BARDO sees the world through a unique prism—something that's reflected in his music. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, BARDO understands that music is the universal language, and creating music is a gift.
The Empty Bottle is located at 1035 N. Western Avenue (Chicago). For tickets, call 773-276-3600 or go online: Doors open at 9:00 pm. BARDO hits the stage at 11:00 pm. Also performing is J.A. Grimms & Blacknight and Wesley Johnson. For view BARDO videos, visit: - Leslie Gordon
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Illinois Rep. William Davis spreads joy
HEALTHY COMMUNITIESUChicago Employees Brighten Holidays
Sixty families will have a better holiday season this year thanks to hundreds of gifts from University of Chicago Medicine employees in 65 departments.
“Our employees are unbelievably generous and don't ask for anything in return,” said Sherry Iversen, manager of volunteer services, whose team manages the 16-year-old Adopt-a-Family program. “Our office is always stacked to the ceiling with wrapped gifts. We have to crawl over and around them to get to our desks.”
Each year, social workers meet with families of Comer Children’s Hospital patients in need to create “wish lists.” Many don’t expect to receive gifts and are delighted when they do, Iversen said.
This year, the Facilities Operations Department provided tablet computers, a 32-inch television, a stroller, gift cards and much more to three children and their mother. “This family got everything they dreamed of,”said Kristin Riffner, volunteerism coordinator.
Dr. Gill
Special Correspondent: Dr. Chandra Gill
Through it all, isn’t it remarkable that we’re (yet) still here to see another day? Another glorious year? Can you imagine what 2016 can look like with the added bonus of robust SUPPORT for our children? Well to begin, Blackademically Speaking, thanks you for your SUPPORT!
From visiting your schools, gracing your airwaves, empowering your students, your purchasing of our products, etc.. to linking with our social media handles and sharing our motivational content, we’re humbly grateful for your SUPPORT!
So to end (this message and our year together), we’re yet prepared for 2016 and the amazing SUPPORT we’re going to offer our youth, your children. Blackademically Speaking Enterprises is nowhere near the sideline when it comes to fighting for equitable and culturally relevant education for our children. We’re here to stay, looking to become a leading and empowering voice! Our plans for 2016 will prove magnanimous and invigorating. We have great things in store; we’re already in our lab developing innovative and exciting ways to educate our children, offering them much needed SUPPORT!
Sooooo, from our hearts to yours, we look forward to more partnerships and plenty success stories​. ​Hap​py, H​APPY New Year​ to each and every one of you! ​In Solidarity and with Love.
(Chandra, CEO, Blackademically Speaking Enterprises.
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Jahmal Cole Headshot
Jahmal Cole
Bettie Jones the aunt of Jahmal Cole's wife was shot and killed the morning after Christmas: Police responded to an alleged domestic violence situation involving the LeGrier family that lived above Ms. Jones.
The threat in question was Quintonion LeGrier, "who was suffering "mental problems," according to his parents. He reportedly became aggressive against his father, Antonio LeGrier, and began threatening him with a baseball bat." Upon being requested by police to open her door, Jones and Quintonion were both fatally shot by one police officer.
I want to emphasize the threat - a man with a baseball bat, and the cause - the police officer felt threatened. "F---, no, no, no. I thought he was lunging at me with the [baseball] bat." Police officer who killed two people expressed.
Both LeGrier and Jones were shot not to protect the lives of the parties involved in the "domestic dispute", but that of the police officer called to diffuse the situation. Why was the police officer with his gun drawn close enough to LeGrier holding a baseball bat to feel threatened?
THIS IS NOT NEW, THIS IS NOT NEWS: We have been working for our communities and our youth as My Block My Hood My City for 2 years now, and it's events like these that fuel our cause to make Chicago a better place. More importantly My Block My Hood My City and our fellow activists around the city are there and working to create a positive narrative, and creates a call to action at an individual level - a movement of individuals.
We will continue to be involved in the discussion of police force and reform in our law enforcement department, but just as important is that, we don't want another generation to experience the violence and deficit of hope, currently so prevalent in our communities. - Jahmal Cole

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