Tuesday, December 29, 2015

GivingTuesday Support Young Black Males by Supporting HalesFranciscan High School

#GivingTuesday Support Young Black Males by Supporting Hales Franciscan High School
Donate Hello. I am Melody Spann-Cooper, a Chicago business and civic advocate as well as the owner of radio stations WVON and WRLL. However, I am rea
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Hello. I am Melody Spann-Cooper, a Chicago business and civic advocate as well as the owner of radio stations WVON and WRLL. However, I am reaching out to you today on #GivingTuesday in my role as the Chairwoman of Hales Franciscan High School, one of only two Catholic schools in the country created for African-American males.
On this #GivingTuesday, I am humbly asking that you consider making a financial contribution to Hales Franciscan High School.
Your generous contribution will ensure this historic, 53 year old high school can continue strengthening families and communities by guaranteeing that Black male teens obtain the world-class education required to successfully compete for professional employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in our modern economy.
Presently, too many young Black males are left on their own to navigate and thrive in communities adversely impacted by gangs, unemployment, guns, drugs, violence, negative role models, broken families and failing schools. This is a nearly impossible task without an education provided by an institution like Hales Franciscan High School.
Hales Chess
Since the Franciscan Friars of the Sacred Heart Province opened the school in 1962, Hales Franciscan High School has been an island of tranquility away from such daily perils for African-American youth.
Everyday at Hales Franciscan High School, students are taught by loving and qualified educators who are also experienced at mentoring, imparting values and sharing culturally specific strategies for dealing with the individual challenges and situational conflicts they face.
Consequently, young African-American males educated at Hales Franciscan High School make life choices that ensure they complete college and become men who can provide for their family and community by realizing their God-given potential.
Just as impressive, graduates become members of the Hales Franciscan Alumni Association. The Association is comprised of approximately 4,000 African-American men who work around the world, and come together regularly to network and volunteer service hours.
Here is something else you should know. The hundreds of former instructors and administrators who learned how to inspire and educate African-American males at Hales Franciscan High School now teach thousands of students around the country. So, students attending schools far away from Chicago are also realizing the benefits of Hales Franciscan High School’s proven teaching
philosophies and practices.
I hope you now understand why I believe this historic, community-based, academic institution with a 53-year, national reputation for transforming young Black males into talented, confident, morally upright and successful African-American men is so worthy of your financial support.
If you agree, I humbly ask that you consider making a tax-deductible donation to Hales Franciscan High School today on #GivingTuesday.
Contributions can be made online or mailed-in by clicking the donate button below and following the provided instructions. You can also make your donation over the phone by calling (773) 285-8400.
Sincerely yours,
Melody Spann-Cooper
Board Chairman

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