Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 4: Habari Gani? UJAMAA, habari gani!

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
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Cooperative Economics.
Johnson Publishing and Johnson products, tow examples of what can be. One of the toughest hurdles in our community is that of un-cooperativeness. But that's not always the case and when it is overcome then wonderful things happen. Once we begin to cooperate all kinds of resources show up from far and wide.

In 2016 let's try to grow collectively and pitch-in to prosperity. Think of neighborhood as an ecosystem needing cooperation to thrive. The key is cooperation, so when one end of business isn't up to par, do what's necessary to help get it up to par. Constructive in-put, education, persuasion and communication all helps getting there.

Cooperative Economics. Help build sustainable resources at home...and keep them there.
Ujamaa is what makes our annual Karamu (Dinner event) possible. It is a shared resource event, accomplished only through our will to cooperative with each other to make it happen. This is the spirit and tradition tht we must maintain.
Remember, it's critical to RSVP and all participating neighborhood groups are expected to include a prize of about $40 in value to the raffle. RSVP here or call 773-224-6222.
Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
2015/2016 Kwanzaa Karamu
Josephine's Banquet Room (Next To Capt.s Hard Time restaurant)
436 E. 79th
(Holiday parking on 79th street and in the rear of the restaurant.)
Donation $10 per Person $25 per family in advance
$12 & $30 at the door.
Brad O. Redrick,

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