Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Don't let 2015 end without being part of the success of The BlackStar Project!

This is an exciting time to be a part of The Black Star Project!
It is only because of people like you that our young people can get the tutoring and academic support they need to succeed!
Aaron, Brandon, and Christopher (triplets!) are enthusiastic participants in our Black Male Reading Academy!
Because of your support, we are able to organize fathers and men around the country to get involved in education through the Million Father March!
This dad in Baltimore participated in the Million Father March and took his 3 daughters to school to show his support!
Your support provides mentors and guidance for over 70 young men on the South side of Chicago.
Our Young Black Men of Honor mentoring program provides mentors like Mr. McCain to young men like David.
The Black Star Project does all this and more, but this only happens with your support.
Our mentoring, tutoring, parent engagement programs and advocacy efforts affect thousands of young people and their parents each year.
Please give today and keep these programs going strong in the New Year and beyond!
Your donation can be deducted from your 2015 taxes, but only if you give before the New Year! Please give as much as can right now!

Become a member with a donation $50 or more, and you can be a part of this impactful organization. Even a gift of $15 makes a difference.
Just click the DONATE NOW button (or CLICK HERE) to make a positive difference in the lives of Black children, and children of all ethnicities that we serve.
You may also donate by check or money order. Please send donations to:
The Black Star Project
3509 South King Drive, Suite 2B
Chicago, IL 60653

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