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Southside Chicago High School Produces Top Black Male Scholars; WhyPoor People Stay Poor; 5 Money Habits Kids Should Learn; Cheryl Hyman andBill Gates on Education and Careers

8 out of 10 Top Scholars Are Black Males
Why Poor People Stay Poor
5 Money Habits for Children
Cheryl Hyman and Bill Gates on Educations and Careers
Join Father Pfleger for Peace March
Black Men and Black Money Conference
Dads Honor Ride Across America
Harlan Community Academy High School
Southside Chicago High School Delivers Rare Yield: Top African-American Male Scholars
The upper classmen at Harlan Community Academy High School have raised new standards in educational achievement in a community besieged by urban blight. 80% of the top 10 graduates are African-American males.
These scholars have taken honors classes, excelled in Advanced Placement courses, earned scholarships, and one of the young men garnered a Golden Apple Scholarship. Against the odds of failing schools, these scholars dominated in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
Principal Reginald Evans implemented "Project Lead the Way," an independently sponsored pre-engineering program to expose them to the possibilities for those who are prepared. With the well-rounded programming designed by Principal Reginald Evans, several of these young men have earned academic scholarships from a variety of universities.
According to Principal Reginald Evans, "We all worked together to focus our efforts to pursue our purpose: to educate, empower and encourage all students to reach their full potential."
Evans believes that "Children cannot be what they cannot see." He adds that Steve Harvey's Camp for Males served as a positive influence. This outstanding mentorship program led to a position as camp counselor for one of the scholars, who become a peer leader pushing others toward their dreams.
Harlan HS is an AVID National Demonstration School with awarding winning programs in Pre-Engineering Robotics, Academic Decathlon, and Business Professionals of America.
Susan Taylor's National Cares Mentoring Movement also sponsored The Rising at Harlan Community High School, which was an important part of the success of all Harlan High School students this year.
Please call Principal Reginald Evans (773) 535-5405 or email him to congratulate him on this great accomplishment.
Why Poor People Stay Poor
Photo provided by The Black Star Project
By Steve Chapman
Editorials & Opinions
June 12, 2015
In the 1970s, crime was soaring, and American policymakers had all sorts of ideas for how to reduce it: longer sentences, more police, prison reform and more. But one of the most potent remedies was not conceived as a way to combat crime.
To clean up the environment and improve public health, the federal government banned lead in paint and gasoline. By diminishing lead, though, it reduced the harm it was doing to young brains - harm that could push kids into delinquency. Curbing lead exposure was a big reason for the decline in violent crime that began in the 1990s.
After all, the road out of permanent destitution is not hard to identify. Why do so many people refuse to take it? Rick Santorum made this point when he ran for president in 2012. Experts, he asserted, have documented that as a rule, you have to do just three things to avoid poverty: "work, graduate from high school and get married before you have children."
There's much value in that formula. But putting it to use requires certain capacities. What research has starkly revealed is that poverty and other problems afflicting many black neighborhoods have a way of stunting the attributes needed to overcome them. There is a biology of poverty that is not easy to overcome.
One of the things you need to pull yourself up is a healthy brain. But poor people can't take that as a given. One enemy of sound mental function is lead, which seriously impairs cognitive development.
The kids whose brains were attacked by lead back then are now young adults. Many of them show the effects in lower intelligence and less self-control. Even today, poor African-American areas are unusually prone to lead poisoning.
Children who feel unsafe at school, who are disproportionately black, do measurably worse academically. Those who witness shootings or suffer violent attacks may develop post-traumatic stress disorder.
Chronic violence carries hazards for the mind, as well as the body.
"Simply put," writes Princeton sociologist Douglas Massey, "people who are exposed to high levels of stress over a prolonged period of time are at risk of having their brains rewired in a way that leaves them with fewer cognitive resources to work."
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5 Money Habit Strategies Every Kid Should Learn
By Thomas Corley
November 19, 2014
Parents who mentor their kids by teaching them good daily success habits, set their kids up to achieve far more than 95% of their peers and go on to achieve great success in life. In my study of the daily habits of the rich and the poor (Rich Habits Study - Background on Methodology I uncovered certain money habit strategies that the wealthy learned from their parents as children:
  1. Chore Income - Don't give an allowance. That implies entitlement. Give them money in exchange for doing their chores and explain to them that this is income they earned.
  2. Work For Their Stuff - Parents of kids who grew up to become wealthy and successful, made their kids work for what they wanted. In today's world, that includes computers, ipads, iphones, designer clothes, computer games etc.
  3. The Savings Rule - The majority of the wealthy in my study had a habit of saving. Help your kids form good savings habits by taking 50% of money gifts from your child after they receive the gift. Then put this 50% in a savings account for your kids.
  4. 50:50 Budgeting Rule - This rule teaches kids to save for their stuff when they are too young to have a job. When kids reach age 10 parents should start teaching their kids to budget and save for things like iphones, video games, trendy clothes etc.
  5. Evils of Credit Cards - Kids need to learn that credit cards are bad and should only be used for emergencies. The wealthy were taught by their parents that if you have to use credit cards for your ordinary living expenses you're living beyond your means and you will wind up poor.
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City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor Cheryl Hyman recently sat down with the entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates to talk about the importance of college completion, the skills gap, and the key learnings from City Colleges' Reinvention effort, which has led to a doubling of City Colleges' graduation rate and the highest number of degrees awarded in City Colleges' history - for three years in a row.
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Join Father Michael Pfleger in the Streets of Chicago to March for Peace, Friday, June 19th, 7:00 pm on 78th Place and Throop, Chicago, Illinois

Please call 773.483.4300 for more information.
Scholarship for Athletes with Asthma
Black Male Achievement Conference 2015:
Black Men and Black Money
In Omaha, Nebraska
By Dell Gines, Volunteer Chief Operating Officer: Black Men United Omaha
June 12, 2015
This June, in Omaha, we will be holding the second annual Black Male Achievement Conference. The topic of this conference will be Black Men and Black Money. In this conference we will talk about Black money from a variety of points of view. These include economic development, education, our brothers returning from incarceration, money management and relationships.
The question though is why Black men and Black money? To answer that I first have to eliminate some confusion about what money really is. Most people think the end goal is to "get money". Lord knows we have enough of our artist selling us on getting money. We live in an American system that seemingly worships money. But the objective to get money is really not about money at all. Money is simply a road to something else.
Money can get your family economic security and let you provide in the way you want to for your kids. Money also can be a vehicle to help you empower your community, get politicians elected, build a new way of life for your people. Some people say money makes the world go round. Not true. It is what we do with our money that makes the world go round.
So when we talk about Black men and Black money, we have to ask ourselves do we as Black men really know three important things. Do we know how to get money as a Black community in general and Black men specifically? Do we know how to management money when we get it? Are we using our money to the benefit of our community and our families when we have it? Unfortunately in many cases, the answer is no, no and no.
Did you know according to a Neilson marketing survey on Black consumers that Black's in America have over $1 trillion dollars in purchasing power? We make enough in America to be the 16th largest economy on the planet. The problem is that we very rarely invest it in creating businesses in the community, saving it or investing it or giving it to good causes in the community. We spend it.
This is why we are having a Black Male Achievement conference on Black men and Black money. When we achieve by learning how to control our economic resources, it empowers us to build for our families and our communities.
If you would like to learn more about the conference, please email or call (402)965-1003.
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Recommend a Black Male Elementary School Graduate, High School Graduate or College Graduate for The Mass Black Male Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, June 20, 2015 with Keynote Speakers Attorney James Montgomery and Hip Hop Artist Jasiri X. Call 773.285.9600 to register the young Black men at your school and in your life.
California high school in crime-riddled area boasts 100 percent college acceptance rate for 7th straight year
(All boys school excels)
By Melissa Chan
Friday, May 29, 2015,

A California high school has beat the odds, sending all its graduating seniors off to college for the seventh straight year, despite being located in a neighborhood riddled with crime and plagued with gangs.
"It's not Beverly Hills by any stretch," said Paul Hosch, vice president of mission advancement at Verbum Dei High School, which boasts a 100 percent college acceptance rate.
"The neighborhoods that surround the students are underserved. There are very few grocery stores. There are lots of gangs. It's not a place most people would want to raise their kids," he added.
Still the all-male Catholic school in southern Los Angeles has managed to send its 70 seniors off to college this year, continuing its tradition. "It's amazing. It's hard work, and you see it every day," Hosch said.
Nicolas Bates, Valedictorian.
Verbum Dei enrolls about 120 students each year, the Watts school's website says. More than 70 percent of its college-bound seniors go on to attend four-year schools.
"I came into high school with an agenda to do as best as I can," senior Nicolas Bates, this year's Verbum Dei valedictorian, told CBS. "The trick is we get people into this school who want to go on to the next level, who want to go onto collegiate endeavors.
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