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Building Generational Leaders TBTNEWS COMMENTARY Glad Cleveland Lost NBA Finals Contribution Correspondent: CDW The shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-y
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Building Generational Leaders
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tamir rice
Tamir Rice
TBTNEWS COMMENTARYGlad Cleveland Lost NBA Finals
Contribution Correspondent: CDW
The shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy, occurred on November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio. Two police officers, 26-year-old Timothy Loehmann and 46-year-old Frank Garmback, responded after receiving a police dispatch call "of a male sitting on a swing and pointing a gun at people" in a city park. At the beginning of the call and again in the middle, the caller says of the pistol "it's probably fake". Toward the end of the two minute call, the caller stated "he is probably a juvenile."
The officers reported that upon their arrival, but Loehmann fired two shots within two seconds of arriving on the scene, hitting Rice once in the torso. Neither officer administered any first aid to the child after the shooting. He died on the following day. And what has not been reported or shown, is the huge wound that Rice suffered from a high-powered pistol possessed by law enforcement. The gun shot created a hole that you could look through. Remember, this was a young boy who bones, organs and body were far from fully developed.
Rice's gun was later found to be an Airsoft replica. A surveillance video of the shooting was released by police on November 26. On June 3, the County Sheriff's Office released a statement in which they declared their investigation to be completed and that they had turned their findings over to the county prosecutor, who will review the report and decide whether to present evidence to a grand jury. The officers were not initially charged. Since the community outcry, and other facts, the State's Attorney's office has decided to consider charging the murderers.
In the aftermath of the shooting, it was reported that Loehmann, in his previous job as a policeman in Independence, Ohio, had been deemed an emotionally unstable recruit and unfit for duty. The incident received national and international coverage, in part due to the time of its occurrence, coming shortly after the police shootings of several other unarmed black men.
This is the very reason that (I) was cheering against my second favorite player in the NBA (Tim Duncan, being the first). I'm a fan of basketball, and think the Cleveland Cavaliers' Lebron James is the most exciting player today. And I root for him, normally. But his city, which James loves so much has Tamir Rice's blood on their hands. Cleveland's policy makers and law enforcers, who job it is to enforce policy has failed to protect and serve that community.
Therefore, they have ABSOLUTELY NO right to celebrate! Especially the success of a NBA Title, which would have been delivered to them by this amazingly talented BLACK MAN. A real man, who I think probably feels bad about his city's decision to not make good on the murder of an innocent kid, whose only fault was playing in the park.
For this, I salute the Golden State Warriors for defeating the city of CLEVELAND, as my heart continues to mourn the unspeakable lost of this vibrant young boy.
men event
The Chicago Gentlemen's event on the rooftop was sponsored by Austin & Jarrett real estate company (Photo: Vern Estes)
men event 2
Mesirow Financial's Lester Coney receives "Gentlemen Award" at Chicago Gentlemen's event (Photo: Vern Estes)
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dr. c. whitaker
Dr. Cheryl Whitaker
ASK DR. CHERYLHappy Father’s Day
Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads! It’s nice to take time and reflect on the additive value of the male presence to our families. How do we work together to ensure that Dads have the chance to live longer and healthier?
As we all age, several aspects of aging begin to “sneak up on us”. Some of them will happen no matter what----others can be moderated and controlled if we are educated and take action.
Question: Dr. Cheryl, as my Dad got older, his stomach started to get bigger, even though the rest of his body was still muscular and fit. His stomach spills over his belt. He doesn’t exercise, but he doesn’t eat any more or less. What is that?
Dr. Cheryl: Your Dad is experiencing what is casually referred to as “potbelly” or having a “gut”. It’s a “condition” mostly seen in men over 40 years of age. Having a “potbelly” is part of what I call “man-o-pause”. Yep, men go through changes, too. As men age, their metabolism starts to slow down (like women). The extra fat prefers to be stored in the stomach or abdominal area. That’s what is visible on the outside. On the inside, extra fat is stored around the organs such as the liver, pancreas, and intestines. Over the past several years, we have learned that this fat stored around the stomach is “active”, almost like an organ itself. It is known to produce changes that can contribute to the development of diabetes and other conditions.
Who knew that having a “potbelly” was more than just a little extra stomach? To manage it however, takes some discipline. Dads have to manage their food and drink intake in concert with their decreasing metabolism. For men, adding some extra physical activity, like walking, can provide just the calorie-burning boost to start to decrease the size of the abdomen. At the same time, switching out a few high calorie food choices for lower calorie choices can cut out the 500 calories a week (5 cookies a week) that it takes to gain a pound a month of new body fat!
Question: Dr. Cheryl, one morning Dad got up and screamed out loud. He was starting to read the Sunday paper and the words were blurry. He has never had trouble with his vision before.
Dr. Cheryl: (laughing) My husband woke up one morning with this same scream. I quickly went to the drawer and pulled out a pair of bi-focals. He put them on and the words quickly came back into focus! This condition is called Presbyopia. Presbyopia usually begins around age 40, when people experience blurred near vision when reading, sewing or working at the computer. It is a natural condition of aging, so please don’t be alarmed. The best path forward is to have an eye exam conducted by an eye professional to confirm the diagnoses and get the best vision correction for you.
These are great questions! Keep asking questions, so our Dads can age happier and healthier! See you next week! Have more questions about your health? Ask Dr. Cheryl, CEO of NextLevel Health at NextLevel is here to help you take the steps to better health
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Brian Babylon
COMEDY HOURBabylon on the Rise
Special Correspondent: Feder
Brian Babylon, the Chicago-born stand-up comic, radio host and self-proclaimed “Prince of Bronzeville,” is going Hollywood. Babylon signed off last month as host of Vocalo’s The Morning AMp,” has been named social media producer for Why? With Hannibal Buress, a new weekly series on Comedy Central, to be produced in Los Angeles and set to debut in July. Last fall Buress' comments about Bill Cosby in a stand-up performance went viral and opened the floodgates of sexual assault accusations against the comedy icon.
Babylon also just got the green light to develop and host his own comedy show at the historic Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. He described it as “a hybrid comedy/interview show with comics and personalities, with the focus being the edges of comedy and free speech.”
An eight-year veteran of Chicago Public Media. His departure shortly followed that of co-host Molly Adams, who left in March to join the staff of TouchVision, the multiplatform news and information network. The Morning AMp airs from 8 to 10 a.m. Monday - Friday on WBEW FM 89.5, WRTE FM 90.7, W217BM FM 91.1 and WLUW FM 88.7, and streams on
Babylon said he’ll continue to appear as a panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! the weekly radio news panel game show co-produced by Chicago Public Media.
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TBTNEWS HEADLINESChicago Gospel Music Awards
Chicago Gospel Music Awards (CGMA), scheduled for this Friday, June 19, 7 p.m., at Christ Universal Temple. The show will be hosted by Pastors John Hannah and Gospel Radio 1390's Angela Martin. In addition to performances by local gospel choirs and powerhouses, Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented to Apostle Richard D. Henton, Pastor Maceo Woods, and Mavis Staples. Tickets can be purchased at For more information, contact Katrina Parker at 312-545-7392.
Bronzeville Summer Nights 2015
We are very excited to present Bronzeville Summer Nights 2015 in collaboration with the Bronzeville Art District! We do hope you'll join us and spread the word. We can't wait to see all of you. This collaborative builds on the momentum of previous years by combining the business-focused Bronzeville Nights event series & the art-focused Bronzeville Trolley Tour. Bronzeville Summer Nights + Bronzeville Trolley Tour 2015 Kick-off Friday, June 19 at 6:00pm. It's an event series pairing local arts, culture and entertainment in some of the Bronzeville area's best businesses. For more details,
Laynie Foundation Father’s CHANCE Comedy Concert
The Laynie Foundation will present A Father’s CHANCE Comedy Concert, Saturday, June 20th, featuring comedians Michael Colyar, Mark Curry, DC Curry, and George Wallace. The Laynie Foundation is proud to bring A Father’s CHANCE Comedy Concert to Tinley Park Convention Center. This event will celebrate fathers and their families through a night of laughter, music, and food. Purchase tickets at or visit
Laynie Foundation is a non-profit mental and behavioral health agency that continues the awareness message that 1 in 10 youth have mental health challenges that go undiagnosed and/or untreated. The Foundation is a non-profit mental and behavioral health agency. Through our services and CHANCE programs, we are dedicated to treating youth experiencing mental health concerns and/or crisis. Their mission is the pursuit of restoring mental balance. For details, call 708.617.8548.
Lake Meadows Art Fair Celebrate 10 Years
Helen Y. West, curator and organizer of the revitalized Lake Meadows Art Fair is pleased to announce the 10th anniversary of this historic Bronzeville event on Saturday and Sunday, June 20 and 21. The fair opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 8:00 p.m. each day on the parking lot at 33rd Street and South King Drive.
Over 25 of the nation’s most talented African American artisans will showcase their fine art, jewelry, clothing, handbags, accessories, and more. Various vendors will provide food and beverages during this fun-filled weekend that free to the public. Ms. West revitalized the Lake Meadows Art Fair to honor the legacy started by the late Dr. Margaret Burroughs in the 1950’s as she worked to support artists of color. Dr. Burroughs was a renowned artist, educator, activist, and principal founder of the DuSable Museum of African American History.
Chicago’s own songstress Maggie Brown will close out the musical entertainment on Sunday at 6 p.m. LaRay Reddin will serve as DJ. For more information, visit or call 312-593-0230 or contact Redessa Harris, Publicist at 773-536-4230 or
RAMATAZZ Grand Opening
Chicago newest state-of-the-art family fun center RAMATAZZ opens up on the Southwest Side of Chicago (39th & Ashland). RAZZMATAZZ, an encompassing family entertainment center is the latest brainchild of Chicago Indoor Sports visionary Mike Widell. RAZZMATAZZ is set to become the number one destination of family fun and children’s birthday parties in Chicago.
Chicago Indoor Sports, which opened in 2007, currently provides world class sporting facilities to Chicago residents with indoor soccer, lacrosse, flag football, basketball and Frisbee leagues. In recent years they have added a full service bar, bubble soccer, a basketball court and elaborate event space. RAMATAZZ is a natural extension of this wholesome family approach which will bring new party facilities, inflatables, over 70 arcade games, bowling, laser maze and a full service restaurant.
Come see the Grand Opening Saturday, June 20th from 9:00am-12:00pm. For more information, please visit or contact Catrice Armstrong at 312.371.1635 or
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