Building Generational Leaders BUSINESS BRIEF Facebook may be the world most popular social network, but its employee ranks still look nothing like i
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Building Generational Leaders
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Facebook may be the world most popular social network, but its employee ranks still look nothing like its users. Hispanics represents just 4% and Blacks are only 2% of Facebook's work force - same as last year, even after they promised to do better after Rev. Jackson raised questions about their lack of diversity.
PUBLISHER'S PEACEThinking About How I Got Here
The last few weeks have really made me take some inventory on my life as a businessman. First, I did this interview with Profit Pathway Podcast, hosted by Adam Farmer, and his questions took me back to my beginning days when I struggled to make my dreams come true. Today, I'm overflowing with love for my God because he has blessed me more than I could have asked for.
On Father's Day, I attended church services, and my pastor, Alvin Richards brought all the fathers to the alter to reflect on their lives and give thanks for fatherhood. This past Sunday, I decided to support Pastor Quentin M. Mumphery as he gave one of his first sermons at his new make-shift church in South Shore, called New Hope Covenant. He was great, but this female singer sang two songs that moved me to tears. One song's hook was like 'fill you up' and it hit home with me.
The moving words, as well as her incredible voice - forced me to bury my face in my hands as I gave thanks and more thanks to my God. He has served me well. He has filled me up time and time again. He brought me through some terrible ordeals during my beginning years when I was hustling and struggling to survive the entrepreneur drought.
During my interview on Profit Pathway, I told Adam the heartfelt story of how in the beginning years, it felt like I was swimming in circles in the deep blue sea with sharks stalking my person. But for some reason they refused to eat me. They did nip often at my skin, but never fully attacked. I contributed not being devoured by the sharks - only to the fact that they never smelled or saw blood. They never sensed me sweating, even though I was soaked in frustration and disappointment.
I have the many scars to remind me of how horrific that experience was for me. I know that only God could have covered me - to ensure that I remained in one piece to travel this journey that I'm on today. I use the words 'I'm built for this' to describe my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual swag.
His goodness 'fills me up.' And in my hunger for survival during the years of being immersed in darkness, swimming blindly in the treacherous sea of evil, I can recall raising my head above water, which God would allow me to do from time to time. This one and final gasp for air is when I finally saw land. I knew then exactly what direction to focus my countless and never ending strokes. Getting a glimpse of solid ground was like finding my purpose. And that's how I got here! Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
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Kelly Rowland
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Brandy Norwood and Ray J
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Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
kimberly lightford hs
Kimberly Lightford
POLITICAL PROFILESenator Lightfoot Steps Up Big
Since the beginning of her political career, Senate Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford has been a vocal champion for her strongest passions: promoting quality education, advocating for quality healthcare and providing support for working families.
After becoming Senate assistant majority leader in 2009, and taking over as Chairman as the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus in 2014, Lightford enhanced her role as an advocate for education reform. Her expertise positioned her as the top negotiator on the legislation developed as a part of President Obama's Race to the Top program.
Lightford's leadership resulted in laws that put the best teachers in classrooms. Lightford helped to re-enroll high school dropouts by establishing the Illinois Hope and Opportunity Pathways. Leader Lightford has actively served on the Senate Education Committee for sixteen years as either a sitting member, Vice Chair or Chairman. Lightford continues to fight for a higher minimum wage by passing legislation out of the Senate chamber during Veto Session in 2014 that would gradually increase the wage from $8.25 to $11.00 per hour.
In 2005, and again in 2010, Leader Lightford passed laws to protect working families from predatory lending practices when she passed sweeping reforms to Illinois' Payday Loan industry. She has also sponsored a measure to establish a Council on Responsible Fatherhood, and laws allowing for expungement of criminal records. As the youngest African-American woman ever elected to the Illinois Senate in 1998, Lightford has emerged as a leading voice in Illinois on women's issues, co-sponsoring the Equal Pay Act.
Leader Lightford holds a bachelor's degree in Public Communications from Western Illinois University and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Senator Lighford surrounded by her colleagues in protest
During her early days as chairmen of Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, she has fought for youth when drafting budgets. A recent study revealed that summer youth employment initiatives supported by members of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus resulted in decreased levels of violent crime during summer months.
"The summer months are primarily when we see a spike in crime across the city. If we want to see continued reductions in crime and create a stronger workforce, summer youth programs are where we can get our highest return on investing in our youth," said Senator Lightford.
The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus is also appalled by Governor Rauner’s $26 million in cuts to Human Services and Public Health grants, which provide vital resources to the state's most vulnerable. The caucus collectively voted against the fiscal year 2015 supplemental budget appropriations.
“The governor is slashing services that only a week ago, he agreed to keep operational,” said Leader Lightford. “When you cut programs and services like violence prevention, taxpayers end up spending more money on corrections when preventive services were already put in place.”
Also, Gov. Rauner's veto of a $36.3 billion budget bill may force the state into a government shutdown, which doesn't sit well with State Sen. Lightford. "We cannot stand back and allow this to happen," said Lightford, who fought back tears, after learning of the veto. "I don't give a damn how much money he has. We have to fight this governor."
"Don't confuse my tears as a sign of weakness. I am mad as hell," Lightford added. She made the statements at an ILBC rally against spending cuts proposed under Rauner's Turnaround Agenda.
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Norman Bolden
THE TRUTH SALUTES...Norman's Bistro
Correspondent: MG Media
Its been a long, long time for Norman Bolden and his two block stretch of property, in which he has owned and operated for over a decade now. First, there was Room 43; then came, finally, the appetite of Norman's affection, Norman's Bistro. There have been times when Mr. Bolden wanted to toss the dream aside and retire in exclusion. He still may feel that way, the restaurant business is not an easy establishment to maintain and manage. But thus far, he has remained committed to providing quality service, great food and an atmosphere equal to any luxury or upscale eatery in downtown Chicago, or anywhere for that matter.
Recognized by locals as one of the top restaurants in the Hyde Park and Kenwood area, Normans Bistro offers an American Creole Cuisine with a Brazilian Flair. Delicious food is a tradition for Chef Robert Blanchard. His passion for food is apparent in his innovative menu, bright flavors and fresh, high-quality and natural ingredients.
The dining room serves up to 85 guests, the outdoor patio features comfort with elegant landscaping. The bar is fully stocked with premium spirits and most export and impost beers. The Champagne is normally flowing because there is always a celebration being had; either in the dining area or in the relaxed party room, as the house DJ plays some of today's hottest hits.
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Menu items - Select signature sandwiches like Blue Burger, a 8oz sirloin steak flame grilled to perfection topped with blue marble jack cheese, roasted red pepper, and house barbecue sauce. The Great Duck Burger: fresh ground Duck Sausage with a lite sage seasoning grilled in its own juice and topped with a Greek cucumber sauce. Classic Wraps include Caribbean Rice & Bean Wrap, Caesar Club Wrap and Chicken or Fish Grilled Flatbread. All sandwiches come with your choice of fries or side salad.
Norman's entrée selections are crowd favorites, like St Louis Spare Ribs, Bone In Island Grilled Pork Chops, 16oz Island Grilled T-Bone Steak, Chicken and Lobster Gumbo, Chicken Pasta Bowl, Roasted Cajun Catfish Plate, Smoked Cranberry Salmon, Caribbean Flame Grilled Lamb, Flame Roasted Half Chicken, Old Fashion Salmon Cakes and Tender Beef Calf Liver, to name a few. Specialty sides like Red Beans & Rice, Sauteed Spinach and Caribbean Smashed Yams, tops off your entrée.
Homemade soups of the day: Seafood Chili, Chicken Gumbo.
Caesar Salads can include lobster, salmon, catfish, tilapia or grilled chicken. Conveniently located at 1001 East 43Rrd Street. Call ahead for reservation at 773.966.5821. The restaurant is open five days a week with dinner service starting at 3:00 pm. Buffet brunch served, Sundays from 9 am - 4 pm.
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Congresswoman Robin Kelly issued a statement in response to today’s Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.
Generations of LGBT Americans have been denied the benefits of equal marriage—publicly shamed and forced to hide their love. Today, the Supreme Court affirmed that LGBT Americans can marry equally under law and couples can now enjoy the same right to marry the one that they love.
Regardless of race, religion, gender, or region, LGBT Americans will have this right and represent our deepest held American values of freedom and equality guaranteed under the constitution. On this monumental day, we must remember those LGBT couples who fought for this right. We must continue to fight for protections for LGBT Americans, to ensure that they will not lose their jobs for who they are. No American should live in fear because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”
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clarence thomas
Justice Thomas
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ recent remarks on the role of race in society reignited the nation’s discussion of race and revealed some strong opinions. Race shouldn’t define our beliefs or ideals. Here are three of Thomas’ quotes:
To define each of us by our race is nothing short of a denial of our humanity.”
I don’t believe in quotas. America was founded on a philosophy of individual rights, not group rights.”
The black people I knew came from different places and backgrounds- social, economic, even ethnic- yet the color of our skin was somehow supposed to make us identical in spite of our differences. I didn’t buy it. Of course we had all experienced racism in one way or another, but did that mean that we had to think alike?”