Monday, November 10, 2014

Next session, Wednesday November 12th, 840 E. 76th 6-8pm

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

Neighbors & community partners, our next monthly meeting will be:
Wednesday November 12, 2014
St. Mark Manor
840 E. 76th st.
This month's meeting is a Wednesday nighter for serious practical purposes (It happens about once a year folks!) We have consensus and capacity building items to cover.

The political season has wreaked a bit of havoc (It's Chicago) and we have some straightening up to do. Key is our outlook for 2015, scheduling matters and other things. Our new initiatives, and old ones, need review.
As always, WE NEED YOU to come out and help weigh what's happening.
Please make your phone tree calls at this time!
Our agenda, this month, shapes up as being;
  • Normal course of discussion and review of current CAPS initiatives and failures in 2014
  • Problem solving the community calendar crisis
  • Improving our phone tree communications
  • Disaster Preparedness success!
  • Our letter campaign to our elected officials
  • Completion of our year end review
  • Reviewing our "Community CAPS meeting"
  • Winter Plans for your neighbors
  • Preparing for Kwanzaa 2014
  • Looking to 2015

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