Thursday, November 6, 2014

DPI - 60619 training directions & scheduling options

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
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Our DPI -60619 training is on schedule for tomorrow evening. The session is sold out and has a waiting ("Standby") list. If you've not reserved, but still wish to participate you can come by and get on the waiting list and see if space opens up.

Those who somehow aren't able to attend this session, but want to do so in the future, can do so by awaiting the next announcement of sessions #2 & #3 which are forthcoming. We'd like for you to help our scheduling process by kindly contacting us by email, or via phone call, stating which times are best for you to be available for the training session (weekday & time).

The Library is open for 6pm sessions on Mon & Wed. On Saturdays there are opportunities for Noon, 2pm and 3pm sessions. There are also chances for 12 noon to 2pm sessions daily, except Sundays. Just state your preference and we'll try to schedule accordingly.

Wednesday's session.
Correct Address - 1000 E. 73rd st (73rd & Woodlawn at South Chicago Ave.)
  • Please arrive 5:45 for registration
  • At 5 minutes until the hour we will release reserved seats and give them to the next available person waiting on stand-by in order to start on time.
  • At 6pm we intend to begin. Doors close at 6 sharp. Late arrivals will be re-scheduled for the next session.

Everything should go smoothly. we look forward to you receiving the basic training provided. and your continued participation in this important initiative.

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