Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Juneteeth Picnic, Saturday June 21st, 2014 10am -5 pm, Grand CrossingPark, 7615 S. Ingleside

Dear Neighbors and Stakeholders,

This year's "Juneteenth Picnic" is on track for June 21st in Grand Crossing Park. 10am to 5pm

Computer problems scuttled this years online marketing of our event. However, we soldier on! Please help us make up for the loss by vigorous person to person outreach and phone tree calling.

Of course Juneteenth Picnic is our chance to come out and enjoy the open space of the park while in fellowship of other organizers, block club groups, stakeholders and associates in the cause of grassroots community improvement.

This year's event is once again a pot- luck of sharing and caring. We ask that everyone try to bring something to the table to make is a true team effort. There is so much information to share and talk about. Remember, a key component of the event is taking out time from our busy schedules to be with other committed neighbors in a relaxed atmosphere.

As always we invite YOUR participation in building team identity for our community and building a larger African American tradition based in love, information sharing and neighborliness.

To better coordinate our offerings, please contact me at 773/224-6222.
Brad O. Redrick,


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