Tuesday, June 3, 2014



The past week violence has rocked Chatham, but we move forward in our quest for peace. Rome was not built in a day, neither was Chatham. Chatham moves forward and  will not be daunted by the violent actions that have been perpetrated by a few individuals that obviously don’t value human life.

Our Community will survive this madness. We are all saddened by the senseless murders of our youth and pray for their families and loved ones.   We are watching closely as Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago Police Superintendant  Garry McCarthy work to resolve this city wide mess. OUR COMMUNITIES NEED INTERVENTION, PREVENTION & POSITIVE OPTIONS.

Chatham is strong, Chatham is resilient and so are its residents. Chatham moves forward with new Education, Health & Wellness, Conservation, Economic Development plans, & a new “NOT ON MY BLOCK “campaign that has been instituted to inspire our Chatham residents to accept nothing less but a decent standard of living. (Quality of Life) which we all deserve. It is not where you live, it is how you live there.

Chatham Moves forward, what will you do? Will you be part of the problem or part of the solution?   MOVE FORWARD & WORK TOWARD PEACE. Participate in your block club, don’t have one start one. Chatham Avalon Park Community Council hosts a Block Club Boot Camp every month at various locations in Chatham. Meet and greet your neighbors, report illegal activity to the Chicago Police Department. ( 911) (311) non-Emergency or  the 6th District Police Department CAPS OFFICE  at 1(312)745-3641.

 If you would like to volunteer for a Chatham Avalon Park Community Council Committee or participate with our “Not on My Block Campaign” please contact the Capcc Office

at 1-866-272-1215.  Stay informed, visit the CAPCC blog daily for Chatham community updates. 




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