Friday, June 6, 2014

June 5 Letter to Alderman Beale Re Currency Exchange Relocation Meeting

West Chesterfield given to Alderman Beale regarding the relocation of the Currency Exchange at 94th and State Street to the NW corner of 95th and Michigan.

Dear Alderman;

Thank you for hosting the June 5 meeting regarding the Currency Exchange relocating within the 95th and State Street area.
The West Chesterfield Community Association asks to defer any decisions on the relocation of the currency exchange, as we must share the information learned today for consideration by the community.
Per our December town hall meeting on the topic of Transit Oriented Development in the 95th and State Street area, the community prefers the area zoned as a planned unit of development for one or two developers to build out.
The March 10, 2014 memorandum sent from the West Chesterfield Community Association to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Terry Peterson, Chairman and Mr. Forrest Claypool, President of the Chicago Transit Authority and copied to you, our community requires a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA)be signed with any business moving to or developer building out 95th and State Street area for development. This remains our wish.
We welcome meeting with you on this topic at your office. Of course, you are welcome to any of our community meetings held at 10:00 a.m. the first Saturday of each month to discuss this or any materials important to your office.
We may be reached by at 773.417.9292 or by email at

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