Monday, January 27, 2014

Important meetings this week

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Dear Neighbor,
In the effort to reduce crime and violence in our sphere of influence, this week's CAPS meetings are of great importance to our 10 beat area. The weather forces our best soldiers to have to step to the forefront, for the less enduring will now be stricken from action.

In 2014 the CAPS schedule chops up vital meeting consistencies. Some beats meet more regular than others. Sector meetings will come into force and confuse many. Some beats won't have their first meetings until March. We must keep up a strong communication that things are improving.

These harsh winter days threaten to block out the important pre warm weather planning sessions so vital to getting the upper hand on the expected wave of violence come spring & summer. However it must be done now . We cannot afford any stall in the hard fought progress we have made in the last few years.

The meetings are;
CAPS beat 323 (Park Manor, Grand Crossing)
Tuesday Jan 28th
Park Manor Church

CAPS beat 624 (Park Manor-Chatham- Grand Crossing))
Wednesday Jan 29th
St. Dorothy's Catholic
450 E. 78th Street

Remember, the crusade is to build the important capacity needed to sustain the drive against this cursed violence. Our only way of succeeding is 'sustaining the drive'! In good weather... and bad, it must be done!

Hope to see you there

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