Monday, January 13, 2014

Alderman Sawyer Statement on snow removal (2)

January 9, 2014
For Immediate Release
For Media Inquiries Contact:
Lesley Chinn

After the massive snow storm and deep freeze that crippled side streets Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer of the Sixth (6th) Ward planned to take advantage of the increasing temperatures to add salt to completely clear the streets. Alderman Sawyer was shocked to learn that due to a salt shortage that he was never informed of, trucks were constricted to only one load of salt on the side streets of the city.
“The accumulation of slush on our side streets is not only dangerous for my residents, but this slush is pulled out on the arterial streets which make conditions unsafe for all travelers,” Alderman Sawyer said. “This is the first big snow storm of the year and we cannot allow budget constraints to decrease the safety in my community.”
Road conditions were dramatically worse on the side streets in the 6th Ward and other south-side neighborhoods because the salt was less effective in the extreme negative temperatures. The city of Chicago expects a dramatic increase in temperature as well as new precipitation which raises the potential of perilous driving conditions in many neighborhoods.
“This policy is unacceptable,” Alderman Sawyer said. “My constituents call my office and I am promising them that we will get their streets clear just to find out that my drivers are being turned away. I am responsible for the conditions in my ward and I cannot be handicapped by closed door policies made without consultation and applied inequitably throughout the city.”
Alderman Sawyer has asked residents with perilous conditions on their side streets to call 311 and contact his office.

Brian E. Sleet
Chief of Staff
Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer 6th Ward Chicago
8001 South Martin Luther King Drive
Chicago Illinois 60619
773-891-5679 (fax)


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