Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Show of unity - show of self respect

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
I'd like to personally thank those who came out in a showing of unity and community respect in the positive loitering event called for by Commander Evans of the 3rd district last night at 74th & Evans. Ms. Tonia Duke, our neighbor on that block, suffered an act of terrorism at the hand of vile and depraved thugs, who burned her garage because they thought she cooperated with the police.
This show of unity is a powerful showing of force - force for all that is good and wholesome in our community. The different churches represented, neighbors, business owners and community groups showed that there is a true community force present and willing to oppose the force of evil and intimidation which threatens the peace where we live.
Participation is a force multiplier! This unified showing goes a very long way toward reducing the wave of violence we've seen recently in Chicago. The misguided individuals perpetuating this disease get to see how they are in a serious minority in their actions. For many conscience finally comes into play and they concede to the power of God. They know they are wrong. We the people, shall overcome
I can say that I was proud to stand with compassionate folk I call my neighbors, who came out and were counted in showing support for Ms. Duke and good citizenry in Chicago. We have lived under the motto of - "we shall overcome"! Our stand against senseless violence continues to be strong.

Once again our network has sustained in a time of need
Thanks for maintaining the spirit of Umoja! May it grow forever more!

Brad O. Redrick,

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