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Goodnews - September 2013

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September 2013
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This summer, I had the privilege of going to Africa with a group of funders, teachers, and corporate leaders. During that time, we came alongside 120 leaders from 26 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa on the topic of local sustainability. Each of the 120 individuals represented a leader, board member, or spouse overseeing an organization engaged in developing leaders on college campuses across the continent. Each individual was also present because they wanted to see almost 80 percent of their income and support coming from local, sustainable initiatives.
The work we do at Goodcity prepared me for our time in Africa. As I shared with our U.S. teammates, the models we are creating in Chicago affect the models being created around the world. The work we are doing in under-resourced communities in Chicago -- helping social entrepreneurs with organizational capacity development, board development, funding, marketing, communications -- shape the ways that leaders of organizations around the world are thinking about their communities. I am grateful for the responsibility we have as an organization, but also recognize the magnitude of that responsibility.
For over 27 years, Goodcity has served as a catalyst to come alongside strategic leaders to begin organizations that make a difference in their communities, to build leaders who are continually looking at innovative and strategic ways to grow their organizations, and to connect these leaders with each other for collective community impact.
We need each of you to invest in the work we are doing. Will you join us this month and invest your gifts so that communities in Chicago are renewed, and as a result communities around the world are impacted too?
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Jimmy D. Lee
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Goodcity friends and supporters recently took a bus tour of Chicago communities to see the rich history, cultures, diversity, needs and opportunities across the city. The group visited Austin, Garfield Park, Lawndale, Little Village, Chinatown and Bronzeville, and experienced various faith-based ministries that are reaching across ethnic, racial, and socio-economic boundaries in tangible ways.
"God calls His people to seek His shalom, meaning peace with justice, for the city," said Dr. John Fuder, Urban Studies professor at Moody Bible Institute and founder of Heart for the City, who led the tour. "New ministries begin in relation to the ways that God's people engage with broken people. God tells us that as our neighborhoods experience wholeness, so will we."
"The tour reinforced to me the work that we've been called to do in our communities," said Adam Farmer with Social Leadership Academy. "Seeing these communities and the difference these ministries are making made me ask, 'What else can I do?'" said Farah Flynn.
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Goodcity is continuing its partnership with the Chicago Police Department's A Force For Good program, which helps build the capacity of organizations that provide needed services to communities experiencing high rates of violent crime.
"We are proud to partner with A Force For Good to help create and sustain safe neighborhoods," said Deirdre Bates, Goodcity's senior vice president. "Through organizational assessments and mentoring, we are helping Force For Good program partners with the skills, insights, and support they need to successfully meet challenges in their communities."
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