Tuesday, March 26, 2013

School Closing Moratorium Letter

Mr. Elgie Sims

State Representative 34th District

8729 South State Street

Chicago, IL 60619. 

Office: (773) 783-8800.  

Fax: (773) 783-8773


Representative Sims:


Thank you for your leadership and inclusion of the community in the first months of your term.


We, the undersigned, demand a moratorium on all Chicago Public School closings until August 2015.   We specifically oppose any and all proposed closings within the 34th District of the State of Illinois.


This request is made for any, or all of the following reasons. 


1.) Adversely affect minority families disproportionately in terms of:
          • travel time 
• travel costs, and 
• safety, due to longer travel routes through areas of concern.
2.) Expedite the depreciation of the value of communities.
3.) Increase expenses when a closed school has to be re-opened .
4.) Expedites the deterioration of building facades, plumbing, mechanicals…
5.) Increases opportunities for vandals and other criminal activity.
6.) Expedites the depreciation of the value of nearby communities.
7.) Greatly affect students who have special needs that require special resources.
The closings:

Understanding CPS budget concerns, we believe it provident to the give this matter further consideration.




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