Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Foot Patrol Mission - Don't get it twisted; We must have the real

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

Ok gang, Supt. McCarthy has beat us to the punch by setting out his own version of a foot Patrol Initiative on 79th street.
Please remember that we are asking for a special "Foot Patrol Mission" not a band aid approach of random, rookie
officers who are here today, gone tomorrow. The move unveiled today has all the markings of a publicity stunt, which we
should not be ready to accept.

To be sure, our mission asks for officers;
  • Voluntarily assigned
  • Seasoned with a few years experience
  • On a particular mission to build relationships with citizens and business owners
  • To be regularly assigned to the same stroll, not changed about and sent all over the city.
So, we are still pressing with our original request with and will have a lunch time meeting this week with area residents and
business owners to form consensus on exactly what we're asking for. All interested persons are invited. Just call, email or
text your intentions.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what the current initiative is doing.

The 624 beat is this Wednesday evening

March 27th, 2013
St. Dorothy's church
450 E. 78th street
6:30pm sharp

Important changes have happened with this beat, including ther will be no meetings held in April, June, August and October.
This cannot be acceptable on the city's deadliest and most violent beat. There's got to be concessions made here. What do
YOU think? We need people to get out to this meeting and voice their opinions and see what we can do to bring this much
needed service up to par!

Democracy is not a spectator sport, you've got to be in the game, you've got to be on the team, you've got to get on the field
to win.

We have to create the community that we want. All Network associates, regardless of home beat can come out and support
our beat 624 neighbors in getting the regular schedule back. All other surrounding beats have their monthly meetings.

Summer's on the way, y'all. Let's set the tone for an orderly year.

Brad O. Redrick,

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