Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Number of houses for sale
129+. These include signs showing and information for the Comparative Market Analysis Report. Dated 7/14/08

Taxes Past Due
36+. This includes both for sale and boarded-up homes where applicable. This represents about 20% of the houses in the report. Since this report represents some of the worse houses in the area, I don’t think it is representative of the area. However, it should be a concern. We must make sure that all residents are getting their proper deductions.

Problem ‘Houses-
27. This include houses that have grass growing up and people hanging around or just not looking right. It also includes house that I was unable to make a determination as to whether or not they were for sale. This is my all inclusive area.

House for Rent
1. This is the first time that I have seen this a
Type of sign outside of the house. It may happen more often with individuals losing their homes and the market is not ripe for selling

Boarded up Homes.
35 houses. This is not good because it takes away from the neighborhood. Currently, vacant buildings must pay $100 every six months to register. This will change in November to $250 every six months. Higher fees are assessed for code violations. – Plywood on windows and doors only for the first six months –then they must be replaced with steel panels and doors. A large sign must be posted indentifying the owner and the person or company responsible.

The above suggests that a program needs to be developed to address the above stated issues. In our current financial state it will only get worse.

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