Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ø 8034 King Dr. – House for sale- house is boarded up. Vacant- No further information is available
Ø 8010 Prairie – House for sale- nice house- Black Acre Realty-991-4225. $189,000- Taxes current
Ø 7931 Calumet – House for sale- nice house. Caldwell Banker – 451-1200. Taxes Due- $1,580
Ø 8046 Calumet – House for sale –nice house. Fuqua- 708-609-5605 Taxes current
Ø 8134-36 Calumet- Three flat for sale- 3 condos. Caldwell Banker – 708-951-0600. Taxes are current except for one condo- $511
Ø 8235 Calumet- Looks like a problem house. One of the front windows is boarded-up. Taxes are past due- $772
Ø 8154 Michigan- House for sale-nice house. A properties- Mirzeta Pyazetovic – 312-491-0200. Taxes current
Ø 8007 Indiana – three flat for sale- partly boarded-up. Looks in great shape. Jeff Mrozek-708-889-2923 . Taxes current
Ø 8158 Indiana – House for sale –nice house- Alice Wells- 449-3148- $295,000- Taxes are current
Ø 8213 Indiana – House for sale – nice house. ,312-719-4333- Taxes are current. $274,000
Ø 8045 Wabash – House is boarded up and vacant- needs some work. $124,900.Taxes are current.
Ø 8119 Wabash – House for sale nice house. I.C. Solutions- 719-6284
Ø The Old Galazie Building is for sale-Jamison Realty- 312-751-1300
Ø 8212 State – House is boarded up and vacant. According to the county board records house has no value.
Ø 8101 State – House is for sale- nice house. $299,000. Taxes are past due- $2,668.
Ø 8049 State – House is for sale - $169,000. Taxes are current.

James Holloway- Conservation Chairperson- 12/15/2008

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