Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sub Area 3 Meeting Held at Chatham Fields Lutheran Church

Sub Area 3 Meeting was held at Chatham Fields Lutheran Church last evening in which members discussed the crime situation in our community. CAPS were present to inform the citizens of Chatham of the work they have been doing to eradicate the current crime wave of offenders throughout the area. Very positive strategies were being discussed to be implemented in the spring, setting up definite lines of communications, letters identifying homeowners and individuals perpetrating crimes disseminated block by block and house by house. all of which will assist in maintaining our community. More information will be disseminated as we move forward. You may also visit our website at

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Worldb1 said...

The December meeting for Sub Area 3 was very productive. It was refreshing to see a good turn out - especially with the men in the neighborhood showing up and standing up for the good of the commmunity. Some very good strategies were presented as a result of this meeting - looking forward to putting the ideas to work - the winter season is not a time to hibernate, but a time of preparation - lets keep the mometum going.... Williams