Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumn Community CAPS meeting - NLC Annex Building, 7757 S.Greenwood, 6:30pm

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Dear Neighbors and Stakeholders,
It is again time for our CAPS Community Capacity Building & Consensus Collaboration, otherwise known as the Community CAPS meeting. Once again we look across lines, borders and boundaries to collaborate for the common good. Our Autumn Community CAPS meeting is this coming Wednesday. This is not a regular beat meeting, but a grassroots collaboration "CAPS" meeting. These collaborations extend to beats - 321,322,323, 324, 411, 412, 414, 623, 624, 631 & 632. We're building consensus and capacity towards improved services and better relations with the Chicago Police Department.

Consensus and capacity building on items like:
  • Beat Integrity
  • Community Action Strategy - "Antonio's Response"
  • Court Advocacy
  • Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • 79th street Foot Patrol Mission
The Community CAPS meeting is a chance for our area's proactive people to come out and innovate with those who will join forces to turn their community around. Join us;

NLC Annex Building
7757 S. Greenwood

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