Tuesday, October 28, 2014


             ARE YOU ABUSED?


                 Does the person you love:

·       Hit, Kick, Bite or Shove You?

·       Use or threaten to use weapons/objects against you?

·       Anger easily when drinking or on drugs?

·       Constantly criticize you, call you names or put

you down?

·       Threaten to hurt your pets?

·       Force you to have sex against your will?

·       Control all finances and force you to account for

what you spend?

·       Isolate you from family and friends?


    If you find yourself saying (Yes) to any of

    These questions, now is the time to make a change,

    The first step is to make the call.


          The Center for Domestic Peace, Inc.

                        1(773) 265-0206







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