Only 70 Environmental Prioritization Surveys Have Been Received from all of Greater Roseland!

This is embarrassingly low. We need a larger sample of surveys. Your personal information will be confidential.

Invest five minutes. PLEASE complete the online survey below NOW.
Greater Roseland Survey:

This is your chance to give your opinion and help change your quality of life!

The Environmental Equity Matters working team – a partnership of The Developing Communities Project and the UIC Voorhees Center – has been working with the Greater Roseland community to compile a list of environmental and health concerns.

A prioritized list of concerns will be included in a report given to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

We value your input in preparing the list! Please help us by going to or contact Erika at to be mailed paper copies. Thank you!"

Erika Strauss
Research Assistant
UIC Voorhees Center
Master's Candidate 2014
Urban Planning & Policy