Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SSA#51 Meeting, Wednesday December 11th, 2013, 6:00

The SSA #51 Meeting
S.S.A.s (Special Service Areas) are an arm of Chicago City planning. SSA #51 put into force by the Chatham Business Association a local 501 (c) 3. who are not to be confused with the 79th St. Corridor Business Association (A group of business owners). Chatham Business Association who is well documented online (See their websites) are known as the service provider for the SSA#51 project. They have a great many accomplishments as a 501 working to upgrade business relations and initiatives in Chatham, Greater Grand Crossing, Burnside, Park Manor, Cottage Grove Heights and Chesterfield. Business strips on Cottage Grove, 75th street, 79th street, 87th Street and 95th street are all affected.

Through the SSA's special nature, tax monies are used to enhance services like;
  • Street cleaning along business strips, including bus stops.
  • Assistance in business fixing up their facades and bringing a livelier look to the neighborhood.
  • Installment of trash cans to remedy littering problems in the area.
  • Ornamentation of the public way along the business strip with banners, signs, seasonal decor other items to enrich the spirit of the environment.
  • Security. A special security patrol is provided and help support police services and assistance in public safety along the public business strip.
  • Employment. It goes without saying in order to achieve these objectives a workforce is necessary. Locals benefiting from this is a major component.
  • Planning. The administration of this project ensures that communications are ongoing regarding the effectiveness of service. Public meetings ensure this process.

We all should be familiar with the administration of this special governmental initiative because it can make or break both the spirit and the economic success of our whole community. Thus, a "SSA meeting" is, in fact, a community meeting in which all the neighborhoods above (organizations) should have diligent representatives present and taking notes on all proceedings. Ignoring the SSA administration is community negligence to the good citizen. Literally this initiative influences life and death in our community.

The spirit of things is very important. As we preach the N'Guzo Saba, in our observance of Kwanzaa, we cannot neglect the principle - Ujamaa (Cooperative economics) and must work to exercise it at every opportunity. Our associate, Leiana Gary calls us to do just that at the December meeting this Wednesday. See the attachment below.

I call on all available associates to be there to watch listen, learn and support our community.

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